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This is notice how is cheating people, it confirmed my booking for a hotel in Phuket, then reconfirmed it twice, issued me a hotel voucher and charged my credit card for booking and then at the last minute tells me that the hotel has a minimum requirement of 7 nights stay and tries to cancel my bookings. At this late stage I cannot get any other good hotel. They refuse to compensate me and don't care about the various mails I send them and the airline tickets that I booked based on thier confirmation. They are most unscruplous company with no ethics I would recommend that people not use thier website as they are cheats and will let you down at the last minute.

  • Updated by GrandMillennium Hotel · Aug 23, 2017

    Early response would be highly appreciated

  • Updated by Veina · Sep 22, 2017

    The reaptionistcharge me on my card when he suppose to not do that because on the 17 of September we went there and he said to me that he gone charge me on my card so please can u help me get that amount back in my account because when we went last time he said that payment was decline

  • Updated by Jasvin · Apr 04, 2018

    I call agoda so many times but no reply. It straight go to answering machine. I call every hour but still same. I even call customer service in UK still same. I send few emails but no reply from them. Their service are very bad. They cheat customer money

  • Updated by Emily Mauricio · Sep 21, 2018

    I received an HSBC text message that my card was used at Agoda on 21/09/2018 at 13:40 in the amount of PHP11356.08. But I did not do any bookings with them. Upon my verification with HSBC, I was informed that the amount was in a floating status. I can't remember that I had any transactions with Agoda before. How were they able to get my security code and my confidential information that they were able to do this online transaction.


  • Do
    DonM Sep 11, 2008

    My cousin just had a bad experience with Agoda booking, clicking on Agoda’s ‘rooms available’/instant confirmation button, did all the necessary/required credit card payment steps including faxing credit card copy and her ID and 2 days later got notification that the room she booked was unavailable!

    Also while chatting with one of their CS asking about the booking confirmation (because she was getting worried after a day passed with no voucher emailed and when she called the hotel they said there is no reservation under her name and that the hotel was fully booked since the last 2 weeks) it was mentioned that there is a rate problem with the extra bed charge (meaning the charge should have been higher) they stated in their website when she booked it!

    Never use Agoda.

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  • Ro
    Roni Kunto Oct 24, 2018

    @DonM Yes look at the notice, all dispute will be decided by AGODA, what the hell is that

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  • Ma
    malexmalex Dec 11, 2018

    @DonM I cannot agree more with what has been said on Agoda.

    Stay away from them, they manipulate the customers with fake pictures or service or illegal promotions that are scams.

    Their only concern is to fool customers and steel their money!!

    Avoid Avoid Avoid

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  • Ve
    venes Nov 06, 2008

    Dear all, stop deal with them if u dont wish spoil your vacation mood.

    I like to complain on Agoda's bad customer service, their attitude is so rude though u not helpful at all while u face problem on their booking! please don't trust this website anymore. i had face an issue that when i arrived at the hotel, the hotel said don't have my name there, and double charge me again!!!

    i was so worry but had to pay the hotel again first. after that, i immediately contact their customer service, but, they just push alway all responsibility, with not helpful, and NOT PROFESSIONAL at all!

    i do suspect the customer service agent that they hire are very poor quality, and maybe cheap pay staff, cause they couldn't understand what customer need, and key in my name wrongly to the Hotel.

    i had spend more then 3 hours during i book and reconfirm the room from the customer service agent due to the hotel i book is fully booked, but when i reach the hotel, i spend another 2 hours to talk with their person in charge, still my problem couldn't solve.

    TOTALLY I SPEND 5 HOURS!! 5 HOURS can cost a lot, and its totally NOT FAST, NOT SIMPLE, NOT CHEAP ANYMORE .

    i wrote a complain letter to them, and hope for their reply to solve my problem and unfair service that i received from their staff, finally, the reply that i received for my complain letter, they never mention about their attitude at all.

    i thought the most important thing to do business online is customer service, but guess Agoda don't care about their service at all, or their thats the best they can do already.

    Dear all, stop deal with them.

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  • Bu
    [email protected] Jun 06, 2018

    @venes I agree with this statement, They are rude and when reachable they are rude!!!

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  • Br
    Brett Williams Dec 02, 2008

    Agoda were a nightmare to deal with and their customer service is ignorant and rude! Constant follow up after supplying all the required data and still no answers. WARNING - DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS HORRID COMPANY.

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  • Al
    aloha007 Jan 26, 2009


    In my case I booked a hotel well in advance in Bangkok. I had to change the booking due to a change of plans. They totally screwed up the next set of bookings. I called them in Thailand to verify and the operator could not speak very good English. She was basically guessing what I was trying to tell her thereby leaping to her own conclusions. was very frustrating. I am trying to sort this out but they don't really seem to be well co-ordinated.

    My advice, deal directly with the hotels and cut out the middle man - agoda.

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  • Ja
    Jack Feb 07, 2009

    I'm have problems with Agoda too. I agree that the customer service isn't very good, and the 24 hour chat line name "Tristan" is a just completely rude and ignorant! I tried to book a resort at Maldives with them on Feb. 04, 2009, but they send me a message that the hotel is fully booked. So, fine I waited 2 days later to check on the resort's website of the place that I wanted to go and see an opening. I went back to make a booking with Agoda again using the same credit card. This time I received an email saying insufficient credit. I was pretty sure I have enough credit on my card. So I called up my credit card to check out why it won't go through. My credit card's customer support said that Agoda had charged my card during my purchase on the 4th. I call Agoda up and they say it is my Bank's problem. I have to go tell my Bank to release the credit. So once again I call up my bank to ask what was going on. The bank said that the transaction on the 4th from Agoda went through in the system, and Agoda's bank (Barclays) had not order any cancellation. Therefore they can not release the charged amount back. I called up Agoda again and they said then never charged it. Anyhow, I finally get to talk to their credit department and was told that the balanced was charged, but because the room was fully booked they have to inform their bank to release the charge back to my credit card provider, and that normally takes 5 working days to process. My trip is for the 13th of Feb., 2009. The 6th(the day that I found out about the problem) is a friday, and I found out about it late in the afternoon. So the 5 working days to process would mean that my credit will be released on the 13th. And this was suppose to be my Honeymoon! Anyhow, Agoda did mention that they will keep sending requests to Barclay's Bank in Scotland to speed things up, and will call me again the next day. Guess what? I received no call to follow up on the situation. I did wrote to them to complain, and that if this were in the States, I would have sued for a better Honeymoon package, but since their office is in Thailand, I just have to tough it out. NEVER EVER EVER MAKE YOUR RESERVATION WITH AGODA! And just in case someone else is searching to see if Agoda is ok, Agoda trouble, Problem Agoda, Agoda ruined my trip, Negative feed backs Agoda. I hope when people search the internet these short phrase will hit and keep them away from Agoda. Anyhow, since suing in Thailand might not be a practical think to do, but I guess I can go to the press and make this public. I should begin writing right away. I feel are you guys' pain...and is still feeling it since I'm still waiting...and the time is running's the Maldives after all..and I still can not book my ticket since I need to get a confirmation of the room first. AARRRGGHHHHHH!!!

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  • Ja
    jab Apr 01, 2009

    Agoda are giving me the run-around with a booking I made with them for this summer in Japan. I got the voucher and paid - but I find by emailing the hotel directly they have no record - plus they are full!!

    Never again!!

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  • Sh
    Sharman Apr 26, 2009

    Agoda is a fraud. They are nothing but a bunch of conmen. They can stoop to the lowest level trying to make money at your expense. They deliberately place the markers of hotels that offer high commissions, close to the city centre on thier maps.

    I had to visit a Fair and booked the hotel closest to the fair only to realize it before I departed. I wasted 6 hours on chat and 45 minutes on long diatance calls trying to explain my problems to their customer service people who have been exhaustively trained how not to listen to customers, never try to understand their problems even id Agoda is at fault. And the best part, they have a policy not to refund your money, even if it is their fault. I called the hotel & they agreed to refund, but Agoda bluntly lied that the hotel will charge 100% cancellation fees.

    So I had no option but to stay at the hotel and travel 4 hours to the fair everyday. There I met a lot of other visitors who had been fleeced by in the same way.

    Here's a transcript of my chat session:

    info: Welcome to Agoda. An Agoda specialist will be with you shortly. Your wait time will be approximately 0 minute(s) and 28 seconds. Thanks for booking with Agoda.
    info: You are now chatting with 'Trisha'
    Trisha: Welcome to Agoda. This is Trisha. How may I help you?
    Sharman Shah: Hi Trisha, I booked the Mountain Villa based on the map locator which showed that it is 1.5 Kms from Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou. But the actual distance is much furthur and the map locator is misleading
    Sharman Shah: Can you confirm if it is correct?
    Trisha: May I know your bookingID please?
    Sharman Shah: Hotel Voucher Booking ID 3253364
    Trisha: Would you mind waiting for a moment, please? I am transferring your chat to Talisha now.
    info: Please wait while I transfer the chat to 'Talisha'.
    info: You are now chatting with 'Talisha'
    Talisha: Hi, you are now chatting with Talisha. I need to review your previous chat and will be with you in just a moment.
    Sharman Shah: I booked the Mountain Villa based on the map locator which showed that it is 1.5 Kms from Pazhou Complex in Guangzhou. But the actual distance is much furthur and the map locator is misleading, can you confirm if it is correct?
    Talisha: Your booking ID 3253364 at Mountain Villa Hotel on April 16-20, 2009.
    Sharman Shah: that is right
    Talisha: I am sorry but I am afraid that I cannot provide an information about the location as we are based in Bangkok.
    Talisha: Therefore, I would like to provide you an email address of this hotel and you can send email to them and ask them about the distance.
    Sharman Shah: I'm on a business trip and need to be close to the exhibition complex. There is a lot of crowd there and taxis are impossible to find.
    Sharman Shah: How can you confirm this?
    Talisha: I would give you hotel telephone number and you can directly check with them.
    Sharman Shah: okay. If there is an error on the map locator, can I cancel my booking?
    Talisha: If there is really an error, I will pass to my manager to consider later.
    Talisha: The telephone number is 85223687386.
    Sharman Shah: Thank you for your help, i'll speak to them now. bye.
    Talisha: I will be right with you. Could you please hold for a moment?
    Talisha: Okay.
    Sharman Shah: Is that number correct?
    Talisha: Is there anything else I can help you with?
    Sharman Shah: I thought China had a 86 prefix
    Talisha: Yes, that is correct number.
    Sharman Shah: there is no response on this number
    Sharman Shah: is there an alternate number?
    Talisha: I just called and the line is working properly.
    Sharman Shah: can you give me an e-mail id of the hotel?
    Talisha: [email protected]
    Sharman Shah: thank you

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  • In
    Inka Jun 24, 2009

    Agree with all! I am one of those who booked the hotel, been charged, never got confirmation & day before me going to hotel - they emailed me with comfirmation that hotel is fully booked!!!I will NEVER use them again, NEVER. I wonder is anyone had luck to get in touch with their management?

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  • To
    toffee Jul 29, 2009

    i've used these for years and never had any problems - great service!

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  • Be
    Beva Dec 07, 2009

    We booked and paid with Agoda to stay in a hotel in Singapore in November of this year. Their conditions for the booking were that any change/cancellation to the booking would cost the equivalent of one nights accommodation.
    Subsequently we found we could not make the trip to Singapore so we e -mailed them for a refund, their reply was that they would not make any refund as the conditions on booking was that it was a special so no refund could be made, all e mails to them about the original booking conditions were ignored and we have not had any refund.

    They even had the cheek to e-mail me recently to make a comment on my stay in the Hotel in Singapore, what a joke this company is, I will never make a booking with them again and do not recommend them to any one!!! They are not the cheapest, we stayed in a Hotel in Bangkok and paid a rate far cheaper than what Agoda was advertising at the same time I made the booking direct with the hotel.

    Stay away from these crooks!!! Bill

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  • Ri
    Rick Dubbeldam Jan 19, 2010

    They simply ignore complaints. We booked via them. Hotel could not provide what was promised via Agoda. Were downgraded. But charged the same. Complain. Complain. No response.

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  • Pi
    pierrefromparis Mar 08, 2010

    I should have read all this before I made my first booking with Agoda!
    my first experience was also a bad one: a promotion that wasn't really a bargain (it's easier to be cheaper than competitors when breakfast is not included and you don't say so until after the booking is completed).
    Then I had to change my reservation from 7 to 6 days, they wouldn't give me a refund, not even a voucher to be used towards a further reservation.
    Their online attendant was polite until the answer was a flat "sorry, this is the policy", and she cancelled the chat abruptly.

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  • Cr
    CraigZ Apr 04, 2010

    WARNING! WARNING! WARNING! AVOID AGODA SCAM! A word to the wise! It is a crap shoot dealing with this company and I use the term "company" very cautiously! These are not reputable people, even though some folks have had success using them. From everything I have experienced myself and from others I have talked with, Agoda is a scam company that will do many slippery things. They cost me $650.00 because their site malfunctioned and put in the wrong month, (correct days, but wrong month). I had to write them for a print out of my voucher because their web site did not provide one and they did not automatically send one, as most reliable companies do. Once I received my copy I immediately noted the wrong month and tried for over 24 hours to get someone to respond back. When they did they simply stated that I would lose my entire amount for my reservation if I did not keep the dates. If it had been only a couple of days I might have tried, but it was a month earlier than my planned arrival in Chiang Mai. They refused to budge and this is a lesson that all should heed. A reliable company will not hold to such firm policies when they are the ones that are at fault or even if there is a question. I have traveled professionally for 50 years and have never encountered any company as inflexible, unavailable or so lacking in PR skills or desire to have satisfied customers. I shall never use them again and know of at least 6 others who feel the same way as a result of similar experiences. The old adage, "where there is smoke, there is usually fire", really fits all the negative reports on this company.
    A word to the wise!
    SLC, UT

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  • Da
    DavidOvOz Apr 08, 2010

    used them before for problem..will use again next month for BKK...wait and see..

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  • Cr
    CraigZ Apr 08, 2010

    Agoda did finally agree to make the date change on my reservation, (see my previous complaint and WARNING above! I had to argue extensively with their on-line agents who kept the company policy and hotel agreement as the main reasons they could not make the change of date
    on my reservation. Knowing that their stated policy of the Shangri la hotel was not as represented by Agoda, I contacted the Shangri la and copied their stated policy for Agoda. My e-mail passed theirs in the night and I was suddenly informed that they would make the date correction for me.
    It was unfortunate that they had to make this so difficult, travel is already more difficult than it should be, but at least they eventually did the right thing. I have since made another reservation with them and true to my word, I will continue to use them unless I have any further problems with them. If I encounter any further problem with them I shall never use them again. The bottom line. . . . I am using them again and giving them a second chance based upon their decision to correct my reservation without charge. Even so, they only get this one chance as I will not go through that laborious process again.
    SLC, UT

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  • Pr
    PrinceValiant May 24, 2010

    If there are so many negative impression and incidents with Agoda, why don't you guys make a complaint group on Facebook and gather people who were victims and sign and donate for a full suit campign against Agoda????

    I was about to book through Agoda but find it suspicious with their charging policy and too good to be true great deals, so I did an online research on google typing Agoda scams and then I was here reading your comments. I think the lost of $ can top to thousands and even millions of $ already which I believe it is best to stop this company from operating further. I propose all of you victims to unite and go for an international union sue against

    It is your rights and duty to stop such unethical service provider from further harming more victims.

    Good Luck
    Prince Valiant

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  • Kh
    khanittha Jul 24, 2010

    Dear all victims,

    I am so stupid that I didn't read about this! AGODA! I made a reservation at Holiday Inn Brloomsbury Hotel for 11 - 17 Aug 2010. I didn't notice they put very small and light letter "Advance Purchase Entire Stay Nonrefundable". The total cost 965.59 USD for 6 nights. They didn't allow me to cancel in advance one month. I believe Agoda is guilty of deceptive trade practices & false advertising. they should make it very big letter on their website about cancellation policy. I will file the complain at Thailand Consumer Protection Department here in Thailand. Let's see how it work out.

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  • Du
    D-unit Jul 26, 2010

    I made a booking over 10 days ago (July 16. Almost 1 day after booking I received and email that said

    "We have encountered an unexpected system error with regards to your booking. We have tried calling on the telephone number provided but were unable to reach you. Please contact us as soon as possible so that we may provide you with an adequate solution.

    This booking will be canceled without charge. You may remake the booking again via our site."

    THEY cancelled the booking...but on my account it says "Cancelled by CUSTOMER".

    What?? How??? (when you look at the quoted message's clearly a lie!!)

    HOWEVER - They charged my Credit Card the full amount.
    The customer service officer (2 times I spoke them) - They said... "The Funds are just on hold...we didn't charge"
    No - DID Charge!

    I had to send my bank a "chargeback claim" get the funds released.

    Leaves me with a bad taste in my mouth...sorry.

    Imagine if I booked the Hotel the night before...and got on the plane...and arrived to find...ooops...a computer error means you don't have anywhere to sleep.

    I realise these "computer errors happen" too... but to charge for a service that they didn't deliver...and to be so SLOW to refund the money.
    That's bad business.
    They earn interest on this money, while it's sitting there...

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  • Bh
    bharatmehta100 Jul 27, 2010

    I had booked for HOTEL REGAL, HONGKONG through internet vide voucher no.4859213
    the hotel did not accept this and gave me a room after midnight after depositing 200USD.

    They had not received confirmation from you till 11am the next day - my checkout time

    The receptionist was outrightly discouteous and inspite of me presenting agoda voucher rejected it and made no effort to verify it .

    Finally at about midnight after much requesting and cajoling and depositing 200 usd only did they give a room for 2 pax only inspite of booking for 3

    Not having 24 hour Internet or access to information is a very lame excuse and needs to be dealt with sternly.

    agoda is a popular site and regal kowloon is a 4-5 star property and such lame excuses needs to be dealt with severely

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  • Ma
    macr0hard Sep 04, 2010

    Agoda sucks!!!

    Charged me $15 USD cancellation fee when my booking is still 2 months away

    will never use their service again, ever

    I love, they're much better

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  • Un
    unhappy Agoda Victim Oct 05, 2010

    I total agree with u. Agoda is a scam. I've just experience it. I make a booking realized that I've key in the wrong dates wanted to change or cancel the booking but they charges one night even I called in immediately before the 3 days cancellation policy. The customer service personal was rude and not helpful at all. They keep pushing the blame to the hotel by saying that the policy was set by the hotel which I've not hear about it before from any booking agents. I've make bookings with other sites before and have not experience issues like this before. My advice pls do read Agoda term and condition carefully before u regret using them! Best don't fall for their trick.

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  • Ru
    rusure Oct 20, 2010

    agoda is definitely a con site... Never use their services, they print out voucher of their own b4 confirming the status with the hotel, push all responsibility with despicable ways

    i think the world population is there for them to con that why they still around

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  • In
    Intellectual Insurgent Oct 20, 2010

    I have used Agoda for many years and never had a problem with them. In fact, I believe that they are owned by

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  • Ql
    Qlucky Oct 24, 2010

    By chance, happen to click on this page and after reading the above comments, I should consider myself quite lucky. In fact, this was recommended by my sister-in-law's customer who has been using their services for years and has no problem.

    I had booked the Sydney hotels (3 rooms - 2 separate booking - 28 to 31 may 2010) from Agoda online and thanks god, everything went on smoothly except that during the booking, when I clicked on the currency charged as SDG, one room was charged in SDG while the other 2 rooms were in USD (which bear a higher exchange rate). I thought I had clicked the wrong button.

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  • Jj
    JJBBB Nov 25, 2010

    I booked a hotel in Taiwan. Agoda had a better price, so I booked it through them. The web page said that breakfast is included in the price. When I got the confirmation and the voucher, it says that breakfast is not included. This is a business trip; I need the breakfast every day. So total, the Agoda reservation will cost more than a direct reservation through the hotel. Now I know not to use Agoda.
    Here's a hint: If you've already made the reservation through Agoda, call the hotel directly and confirm that everything with the reservation is OK. Ask what the cost will be for other services like breakfast and internet.

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  • Ta
    taylor matt Jan 03, 2011

    I booked a hotel in Tokyo, notice I made a wrong date after booking, I went to this hotel and correct the mistake, the hotel will not charge me, but agoda still refused to refund, they kept the money for themself, $500 Australian dollars. This is criminal . I will never use it again, and I am going to Thailand soon, So I will report them in Thailand

    My advise is, to keep away from them

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  • Ly
    Lyndsy Jan 19, 2011

    I just had the SAME experience with you! In January, I booked 3 nights in Gili Trawangan Lombok with Agoda and when I booked for 1 night in Senggigi Lombok, they have an error in the system and charged me for another 3 nights. I canceled it immediately and the same thing happened, they replied telling me that they were going to refund within 10 days.
    It never happened, I sent emails and they said that it is non-refundable by hotel policy not Agoda, when I called the hotel, they said that they only charged me for only 1 night when I was there and that the hotel will follow Agoda's revision if there's any.

    This was clearly a scam by Agoda. I would recommend for anyone NOT to use Agoda. They have cheated more than 300 dollar from me and obviously this was not the first time.

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  • Ly
    Lyndsy Jan 19, 2011

    I just had the SAME experience with you! In December, I booked 3 nights in Gili Trawangan Lombok with Agoda and when I booked for 1 night in Senggigi Lombok, they have an error in the system and charged me for another 3 nights. I canceled it immediately and the same thing happened, they replied telling me that they were going to refund within 10 days.
    It never happened, after the vacation in this January, I found out that they still charged me!
    I sent emails and they said that it was a non-refundable booking by hotel policy (not Agoda), when I called the hotel, they said that they only charged me for 1 night when I was there and that the hotel will follow Agoda's revision if there's any. If the hotel did not charged it then it went straight to Agoda's pocket!

    This was clearly a scam by Agoda. I would recommend for anyone NOT to use Agoda.
    They have cheated more than 300 dollar from me and obviously this was not the first time. Please stay away from Agoda!

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  • Sh
    Sherbertdip Feb 10, 2011

    I've just rund fowl of them too - made a booking for my mother in Hua Hin, noting that the Agoda website said that you could cancel 7 days prior to the first date of the booking with no cancellation charge - what a load of crock. I cancelled MONTHS in advance and they charged me a cancellation fee. In fact, I didn't know that the amount had been taken off my mum's credit card at all - it didn't read as though they'd done that. Also, the added taxes and charges they apply once you've 'fallen' for the decent rate they advertise - it's per night, not for the full stay which added £200 to the booking. Disgusting. Use one of the better wesbites like or travelrepublic - much better!!

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  • Sp
    Spore gal Apr 04, 2011

    Totally agree with all the bad services complain and helpfulness!! I was charged on my credit card for a room that was not confirmed online. I keyed in my credit card number and details but eventually decided to go with another company. I remember very clearly exiting the website, however I was charged by them for a room that I did not even confirmed.
    When I called the customer service, they were so rude and said this is the terms and conditions and I have to follow them and no refund for me.

    Eventually I managed to speak to their supervisor Kwansuda who is much more helpful. She assisted to check with my hotel (Ibis Myeong Dong) for a refund but currently there is still no news. But my point is why is agoda charging me in the first place???? The customer service officers still said if it had been charged means I must have clicked on the confirmation button.

    This is so ridiculous...I did not even received any 'thank you for booking with agoda' reply on the website..!!!????

    any ideas how I can file a complain against them?


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  • Sp
    Spore gal Apr 10, 2011

    Hi all, just an update on my case.
    With the help of Agoda supervisor Ms Kwansuda and staffs (Leong, Sunshine, Nicole etc) they managed to claim back the charged amount from Ibis Hotel in Korea. I am pleased of how efficient they are to resolve this whole matter (around 1 week).

    Although the experience I had with the customer service was bad initially, but I am grateful that the management do listen to their customers.
    The staffs from Ibis Hotel (Myeong dong) were very helpful as well. Special thanks for Ms Cho for her fast follow up and helpfulness! Although this was a non- refundable room but she made the effort to check with the hotel management and work together with Agoda to resolve this matter.

    They managed to turn a complaint to a compliment. I will definitely consider using their service again.

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  • Pa
    Paul Andrew Apr 21, 2011

    Disgusted and frustrated.. Tried to book a property online today ..normal BS it said there were few available so I entered my credit card details then proceeded to the confirmation step where I entered my email etc, having pressed continue a 10 minute wait and i was back on the confirmation page. I phoned agoda and quite frankly there customer service stinks. The guy simply said it was "my browser' absolute ******ks. Checked my credit card statement and guess what, I have a pending transaction to Agoda, yet another phonecall and they asked me for my CC details again over the phone but I refused instead offering all other details. My reservation was nowhere to be seen !!!. I have subsequently contacted the CC company and have had my transaction cancelled although a refund will take 7 days. Agoda are simply a lure and one not to be trusted please tell as many people as you can because companies like this strike fear into internet shoppers resulting in decent companies suffering.

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  • Sh
    Shelley Landers May 23, 2011

    I also had a bad experience with Agoda on holidays and they took $140.00 from me when I went to cancel my reservation. We also had one with Expedia on the same trip but ended up giving our money back after along fight. We just refused to pay for the night we had tried to cancel. They make it as hard as possible for you. I hope if enough of us complain about Agoda they will go out of business and my fight is not over with them. When traveling in Asia you have to go thru these sites and I think is BS. DON"T USE AGONDA!!!

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  • Sh
    Shelley Landers May 23, 2011

    Agoda also ripped me off $140.00 they are thieves . They make it impossible to cancel your reservation and when you finally get a hold of someone they tell you you have to give them 7 days notice. My fight is not over and and I will be posting it on travel advisor. DO NOT USE AGODA!!!


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  • Da
    Dalamar66 Jul 09, 2011

    Terrible company, avoid if posible!

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  • Wh
    whizyoga Jul 11, 2011

    Please don't deal with Agoda. They're a scam!!! They didn't pay my hotel. Hence, the hotel charged me the 2nd time. Now, I have to go through disputing these charges with my bank. I wish I had known earlier that they're bunch of crooks. Please stay away from them!!! I have been following them since long but of no use. They are now saying they are waiting for the refund from the hotel. It is a stupidity from my side to book through Agoda without reading these posts.

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  • Wh
    whizyoga Jul 15, 2011

    yahoooooooooo! good news is Agoda has confirmed via e-mail that they have refunded the entire amount whatever being charged to my credit card. What a relief, so they are probably not as bad as it seems, if someone gothrough this complaint box. Probably will continue dealing with them to understand them more. There is no doubt that the customer service department has lots of rooms for improvement. hope their leadership team is listening.

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  • Gi
    gilagila Jul 18, 2011

    I booked a hotel in Macau through Agoda when I checked the hotel website, I found out that I was overcharged $100.00 more per night with them. You cannot cancelled the booking.
    Warning, do not deal with this company. Check with the hotel direct.

    Perth, Australia.

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  • Mi
    michael69 Aug 09, 2011

    for bali can trust agoda !!

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  • Va
    valkyria9 Aug 12, 2011

    Never use agoda!!! We tried to change our booking 2 weeks in advance but they only refered to there policies that they never change or make a refund after a booking confirmation. Of course they have a text at their website that inform u abt their terms, but what normal customer believes that there exists companies like that today!?. And they didnt even keep their 24 h answering promise. Companies like agoda shouldnt be allowed to operate at all...its 2011 for cryin out loud!!! accept a 24-72 h cancellation depending on the rules each hotel have. Overall have a fair attitude towards their customers.

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