Agoda Companysansi diputacio hotel barcelona

L Aug 02, 2019

We booked a stay at this hotel on 18.06.19 for one night. When we arrived at 12 noon they could not find our booking which had been paid for in full in the April. The booking ID is 234834763.
They said not to worry it will be ready at 3pm.
We returned at 3pm to be told the room is still not ready. At 4pm they took us to our room no. 707 on the 7th floor. We could not believe our eyes.
the room was in a bad state of repair with the veranda cemented up so no access whatsover. We entered the bathroom to find that the window in the bathroom was also blocked with bricks. There was black mold all over the tiles and bath.
We asked to be relocated to a room fit for purpose and was told that we would have to speak to the manager. We waited an hour then went down to reception at 5pm to be told that the manager was not available as she was having her evening meal. They could not say when she would be back. We told them we could not wait any longer and we would have to go to another hotel if they could not accomodate us. They said there was nothing more than can do. We said the least you can do is order a taxi for us and they refused even to do that. The room was not safe there was no fire escape or windows even. On the main floor outside of the lift there was building materials. The hotel was clearly in the middle of restoration works.
Plus the pation door had no handle as it was kept in reception 7 floor down. Bizarre.
We want a full refund and compensation as we had to pay out for another hotel.

sansi diputacio hotel barcelona
sansi diputacio hotel barcelona

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