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Aeropostalecharged me twice and never received money back


I love shopping online and Aeropostale was one of my favorites. But not until they ripped me off. I already suspected that there was something wrong whenever I make a purchase and have them shipped for a friend outside the US. so here's what happened, I made my last purchase on Sept. 13 and had the items shipped to S.Korea, they automatically charged my debit account at that time for $53.46. Then after a few days I received an email from them confirming that they have already shipped my order. When I checked my debit account I found out that I was charged again for another $53.46, what the heck?! so, I contacted them and told me that I was only charged once and the other amount was the temporary authorization hold through my financial institution and would be released depending on their time frame. so, I waited.. Three weeks had past and there was no money returned to my account. Sent them an email again about it they asked a lot of info from me and promised that they will do everything to release that temporary authorization hold and fall back to my account, so after a few days I received an email again telling me that it has already been released and was placed back into my account. Then I checked my account again, the money that they took from me was not returned yet and for the nth time I contacted them again, Guess what!!! another representative told me that when my order was shipped out, the amount of $53.46 was charged to my account and would have replaced the authorization hold. WHaaat??!!! So this is another story???? I don't know how to express what I feel now, DO they really think I'm stupid ? Aeropostale is a thief and you guys should stop doing business with them!

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