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K Jan 06, 2020

On December 26 2019 I booked at hotel during Aeroplan's boxing week promotion. The hotel I booked was Hotel WBF Nambaebisu for the period of Wed. April 15 2020 to Sun. April 19 2020 at a redemption cost of 45, 600 for a King Room, Non-smoking, and included the Breakfast buffet. This booking met the promotional qualifications.

Upon booking the miles were removed from my account, and I had confirmation the room had been booked - it was confirmed in "my account"> "manage my bookings". The booking appeared with a booking date of Dec 26 2019, the dates and hotel was shown, a booking/confirmation was provided and the status was shown as booked.

On December 31st (5 days later), I received and email stating my booking was being cancelled. I called in immediately and I was told there was a communication issue with your website and the hotels website, and as a result the booking was being cancelled. I asked if the rewards points redeemed could be returned ASAP so I can rebook and I was told that due to your batch processes, the earliest they could be returned would be the next day, Jan 1 2020. By this time the promotion would be over so I asked to escalate this issue.

I called in today and spoke to a manager by the name of Gary (Aeroplan travel supervisor). Gary mentioned that they would not honour the price, nor would they credit me with the difference in points so that I book the hotel at the new redemption price. The new redemption price for the same room is now 60, 750 (as of Jan 1). I am requesting that either the initial redemption price is honoured 45, 600 for the same room and features, or the difference in points is credited to me (60, 750-45600 = 15, 150).

Since this issue was a result of Aeroplan's website and it's web-service interface, as well as a result of a failure in Aeroplan's internal processes and practices (not notifying the customer sooner, and not crediting the points sooner so I could take advantage of the boxing week sale), I am confident that Aeroplan will acknowledge their responsibility it this matter, and take ownership by honouring the promotional price so that this does not need to be escalated any further.

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Aeroplan Travel Services
Aeroplan Travel Services

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