Advance Auto Partsemployee

R Nov 12, 2018

I was in store 2690 at 885 E market st harrisonburg, va at about 5:30pm 11/12/18. The cashier named charity that was helping me with my headlight bulb purchase was a great worker, she was kind and respectful and nice enough to help me find the right bulb that i needed for my car and she help me to see which light it was. While she was in the middle of the transaction the other employee by the named chasity was very rude and disrespectful to the cashier charity, she told Charity that she needs to get customers phone numbers all the time. Well i went out to try to put my headlight in and i needed guide lines to help me out. I ask chasity if she could come outside and look at it and help guide me through it, she told me she wasnt allowed to help me, so i went back outside in the pouring rain and a nice customer helped me get it in, so out of appreciation i went and bought him everything he needed, in the middle of me coming back into the store i over heard chasity going off on charity about customers phone numbers and that she needs to ask customers for their number and not proceed on with the transaction until they give their number, i thought that was highly disrespectful and considering she couldnt help me, i had apologize to charity, cause i thought i had gotten her in trouble, she looked terriblely upset. I think the company needs to stop fussing at good hard workers or stop asking US customers for our personal information.

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