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A Aug 21, 2018 Review updated:

On 8/16/17 I replaced my battery on my car it carried warranty replacement on it. On 8/20/18 I woke up to go to work and my car battery was dead. This was the first instance of this since being replaced on 8/16/17. I called the store I got the battery from they said bring it in and they will check my alternator and my battery and if battery checked bad they would replace. I got off work that afternoon my battery was dead again so I got a jump took it directly to the store to get checked out. I arrived at the store around 5:30p the guy ROB checked my altenator it checked good. He checked the battery it was dead he said it needed to be put on their machine and charged. I waited in store while he did this with my 5 year old daughter. He then put it back on my car and checked it he said it all checked out good again. I asked him if he thought this would happen again he said it should not everything checked out fine it just needed a charge but that is what I had already been doing the 2 times I had to be jumped off. I left the store at 7pm and went home. The car sat in drive way over night again like the previous night and I woke up to a dead battery once again on 8/21/18. My kid was late for school, and I was late for work all because the guy ROB would just not swap the battery out for me (it was under warranty) The battery was just a year old it was clear the battery was bad. So I was inconvenienced 2 days in a row due to this bad battery that was sold to me. On the morning of 8/21/18 I took it back to the store and the guy Kelvin just replaced it after I told him my issue of already going through all the check process. The moral of the story is if the guy on 8/20/18 would have just replaced it as I asked him to do I would not have been inconvenienced the 2nd day missing wages from my job and having my kid late for school. I paid $146.99 for the initial battery on 8/16/17 it was
Battery-silver EA ATO 2040007
the store # 09471 is where all this took place


  • Da
    David Maisenhelder Oct 09, 2018
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    First off you need to learn the definition of warranty. It doesn’t mean you get a new battery because you want one, it means you will get a replacement if the one you bought is bad.
    If Kelvin just replaced the battery without it testing bad, then he needs to be reprimanded for not doing his job and failing to protect company assets. Rob did his job correctly he cannot replace a battery that doesn’t test defective.
    To replace a battery under warranty the battery must tested, and the tester has to say that it is bad, if it says it needs to be charged then it must be charged and then retested. If when testing the battery after it has just been charged it still reads as needing a charge, then the battery is not taking a charge and is defective.

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  • Jo
    Johnbg Jul 02, 2019

    @David Maisenhelder I had the exact same issue and Adcance treated me the same way. They told ne I had a draw on my battery when the jey was off. When they finally abd relyctantly replace ny battery after 3 trips, I never had another issue. Store mgr not helpful and Advance dies like honoring their battery warranty. I buy batteries at Costco or Wal*Mart now.

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