ADT Security Servicesunethical behavior of installer - scamming product - overcharging-wrong billing

D Nov 29, 2017

On November 16, 2017 we had a system installed in our house. The installer Geoffrey VanDyne was not from ADT but "protect your home". In the first place, we wanted the system installed by ADT not another company. Why was this company sent to our house? I did not sign up for Protect your home and I don't want "protect your home". This guy comes into our house in his OWN CAR and cannot answer ANY questions about the system. He know nothing about the $500 deductible in case of loss He insisted on installing the main system panel before he would explain anything. Even then he couldn't answer our questions. Totally unprofessional. Next step- he pulls out all of these various devices that he says we can purchase at a cost of $8, 000!! I told him I signed up for a basic plan with equipment free but he continued to hound us to buy more- very pushy and arrogant. The he says that is $9.00 extra for equipment warranty- wrong.
NEXT STEP- we thought we were OK regardless of this person so we signed up. However in talking to our neighbor who just had an ADT system installed in her house at the same time as us (by an ADT person in an ADT truck), we come to find out that she not only got more equipment that us (cell phone communication, cameras front and back, and most disturbingly a LOWER price!- NO charge for the first year and $300 year after that. At that point we knew we had been scammed bu this person.
In sum, we think we got scammed and cheated out of not only money but equipment. A company like ADT and its reputation is certainly diminished by such installers. I am asking you first to help us resolve this by providing us the extra equipment that our neighbor received and lower our payment to $27.99 where it is supposed to be. I thought I would write to you first to try and fix this situation before filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Their Dealer number is 5022472

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