ADT Customer Servicesburglery


i would never recommend adt services my second home was broken into thru a window and the alarm was activated this was by a estranged family member the called adt immediatley and impersonated me that I forgot my password adt shut the alarm off never asked security questions that were set up on system that this estranged family member proceeded to have a service tech come to the residents and change the alarm code and not once did there technician ask for id to verify i was the home owner on the contract i was at work all day that day when i went by in the evening to check my property there are about ten people my home and the dead bolts have been changed out i now have squatters on my property adt never dispatched law enforcement i am now in the middle of a lawsuit fighting to regain possesion of my property and all adt has to say is you have to take it up with the estranged family member? excuse me but what in the [email protected]#$ was i paying for? i guess anyone can go down the street break into joe blows house pick up his mail on the kitchen counter call alarm company impersonate and take over were's justice

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