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Complaints & Reviews

Amount charged to my bank account

My bank account showed an amount withdrawn for 89.95. I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR A RACE! I HAVE NOT BEEN ABLE TO RUN FOR OVER A YEAR.
From the information that I have been able to find and read, this has happened to numerous people and has been going on for quite sometime. It is unclear to me how or why this continues to happen. Or why a company would not take the appropriate steps to remedy the issue if it indeed was a mistake.

event registration scam

Active Advantage uses deceptive practices to steal money.

When I registered for a couple of events in the Madison, Wisconsin, area, I was forced to create an Active Advantage account--no where in the process did it state that I was signing up for an annual fee of $89.95 that would be charged to the credit card used for race registration.
I am VERY cautious about clicking through so that I don't receive spam emails for activities in which I have no interest. I DID NOT accept a membership and certainly did not sign up for an annual membership at a cost of $89.95.

I called customer service, [protected], and after waiting on hold for more than 30 minutes finally reached a live person. They were obviously experienced with dissatisfied customers calling on this subject. The agent assured me that I would receive my refund.
Happy that I get my money refunded; livid that I had to waste my time calling to get back my stolen property.

I was scammed and they refused to refund me

This company listed a sports event for another company (community evolve) and this was clearly fraudulent. The event had the wrong address listed for the event. The address was for the federal reserve and there was clearly no sports event being held there. I contacted Active since they are the company who accepted the payment for this event. There only response was they cannot give me a refund and to contact the 3rd party event (who I contacted multiple, multiple times with no response at all.) Active has shown they will take your money and refuse to do anything when the company they are sponsoring is clearly a scam. To this day, active still has this fraudulent 3rd party company on their website.

auto billing for a membership I didn't request.

I signed up for a mud run and somehow got entered into a free trial for Active Advantage. I realized this only after they charged my bank card $89.95. I got the email from them at the time of the charge, and every link on it I click is marked as insecure and not recommended by Google to open any of them. I went to try to open their site directly and found literally hundreds of people in the same boat. Why is this allowed. I should not have to look for fine print for an auto enrolled free trial to run in a 5k mud run. This is unacceptable. Trying to reach someone to address it is a joke. I get recordings that state I can call another number for a charge. Another charge? This is ridiculous. Even if I wanted to take advantage of the shoe coupon it is unsecured and not a link I feel worth risking my security. I don't plan on doing multiple runs so this "service" is not a benefit to me. I can't believe they continue to be allowed to do this.

auto billing for a membership I didn't request.

scam membership

I have signed up our daughter for a summer camp that (we now know) partners with the Active network. About a month after signing up, I received an email welcoming us to the "Active membership" and thanking us for the $89.95 payment towards it. I have called to ask about it and learned that the membership was connected to our signing up our daughter for the camp. The camp is not called "active camp" and is an academic camp, nothing about being active. We are vigilant online shoppers and would have noted if something needed to be checked/unchecked to signup/avoid signup for a membership in what appears to be some fitness related program (completely unrelated to our daughter's camp topic). The person on the phone acted as if they expected us to cancel, which they processed right away.

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active advantage scam membership

This business needs to be investigated, as it is a complete scam which amounts to theft. The company makes it look as though you are clicking an agreement to sign up for the race like you intended, but that's not what it is. They are hiding in VERY small print you can do a trial membership of this Active Advantage service, and afterward, you get charged. Since you are getting a ton of emails about the race you won't notice the AA one that welcomes you to your "trial" membership. It's completely unconscionable, tricky, and illegal. I have requested a full refund of my 89 dollars, and I had better get it, otherwise off to Consumer Protection I go.

It looks like it's not even based in the US so that's probably how it can fly under the radar.

bogus membership

Very sad to read through these comments and realize this have been going on for a decade. Even more sad that no one has done anything about it! Plus the rate has gone up, as my husband got charged $89.95 after signing up one of the kids for a summer Humane Society camp. He DID NOT sign up for this, trial membership or otherwise. He contacted the Humane Society and they said they've had problems with this before. I bet there are a lot of other parents that have no idea. The Humane Society should let people know this could happen, AND stop using them. Many people want to show support for this local group, but not at the cost of this hassle. Plus we had a $15 off coupon, that after using this sight, it charged a $10 fee. Again something the local Humane Society should let people know, or they're going to start losing support.

unauthorized credit card charges

In reviewing my credit card statement I found a charge for $79.95 from active network. Since I had no idea what this was for I immediately called my credit card company. They informed this was a reoccurring yearly charge and that this was actually the third year I was charged by this company. I went to their website and on the front page found a link for people that did not know why they were charged $79.95. When I went to the link I found out I was unknowingly paying for some type of coupon service for "active people." I never knew I had the service and never used it. I guess I was lucky I found it on year 3 and not year 10. I contacted active network and was told I could only be refunded $79.95 for the last year because "that was their policy, " even though in total they had charged my over $200. I was told I was signed up for this service somehow when I reserved a campsite online. Again I have never gotten any services from this company nor did I know I had it. When I looked online I see that I am not alone and that many other people have had this happen to them without them knowing. I have to say I am blown away that this type of fraud is legal and feel especially bad for people that are living paycheck to paycheck and can't afford it. In 2013 there was a class action lawsuit for the same thing against this company. I think there needs to be another one. I will also be writing the CEO but I will have to do more research to find other ways to resolve the situation.

  • Updated by Laura Maria Rhodes · Jun 04, 2018

    I would like to see this company change their unethical practices of charging people for a reoccurring charge without the customer being clear that it is happening.

  • Am
    Amy S. M. Dec 23, 2018

    They just charged my credit card $79.95. Funny how they are open Monday through Friday, and this charge appeared on my credit card late Saturday afternoon. Monday is Christmas Eve, so I wonder if these crooks will even be open to reverse the charge while it is still pending on my credit card. By the time they open, the charge will have gone through.

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fraudulent yearly auto-billings for a bogus membership

If any of you booked a 5k or other race through Active.com, they are despicable crooks. Check your credit...

running cares - event request ignored

I attempted to sign my company up for a running event sponsored by RunningCares in Davie, Florida. The first...

magazine subscriptions

While registering for events, they sneakily ask you to subscribe to magazines for free, which is managed by another company called synapse. Then they upgrade your subscriptions beyond trial period without your knowledge. When called, they would offer new free magazines at no cost. Even if you tell them to cancel the subscriptions and renewals, they will charge your card.

I used to like active.com, but this scammy behavior is making me not use this website at all..

active advantage, unauthorized credit card charge

I had a unauthorized credit chard charge of 69.95
Account: Credit card ending in 5368
$ 69.95
On: June 23, 2017 .
I have never herd nor signed up for "Active Advantage".
When I look them up online, it looks to me like you are giving out my credit card information to a 3rd party scam. WHATS UP!
I am signed up to your online website.
William Travis, email [protected]@hotmail.com
From this day forward I will no longer use your website! I will complain to every race director about your site about using my personnel information.

  • Updated by Triathlete · Jun 24, 2017

    had a unauthorized credit chard charge of 69.95
    Account: Credit card ending in 5368
    $ 69.95
    On: June 23, 2017 .
    I have never herd nor signed up for "Active Advantage".
    When I look them up online, it looks to me like you are giving out my credit card information to a 3rd party scam. WHATS UP!
    I am signed up to your online website.
    From this day forward I will no longer use the website! I will complain to every race director about your site about using my personnel information.

bogus charges on my account / fraud

I am being charged $69.95 again my account without my authorization, this is a scam in tricking people out of...

Cowpens Airlines

$69.95 renewal, auto charge to credit card

I myself received an email today from them stating that my membership has been renewed for the second year and that $69.95 has been deducted from my credit card. I have no idea who this company is and have never even heard of them. With the above complaint, I have also used Reserve America for camping at state parks but do not remember seeing this bogus company.

$69.95 renewal, auto charge to credit card

unethical business practices

This service provider and their affiliates are a bunch of scam artists. I understand that many may review this organization positively; stating that users should opt out of services that will automatically withdraw funds from your account without your authorization. However, the fact that a paying customer must "opt out" in the first place should be a red flag to most. The company is hoping that a minimally experienced users will come by trying to sign up for an event and accidentally sign up for magazine subscriptions they would never want. Ethical businesses have an "opt in" set up in order to gain their customer's trust. Active Network is an unethical business, and my friends and I will never do business with them again.

charging for membership I never signed up for

I registered for an event sponsored through my doctor's office to raise money for Lymphedema about a...


This company fraudulently took money from my bank acount using my credit card information. Unlike some of the...

scam membership fee

A month after signing up for a 5k race active.com charged me $69.95 out of the blue. Said I signed up for an...

sneaky membership signup

When you use reserve America to make reservations at a South Carolina state park this fee shows up about a...

fraudulent charge

I found a random $64.95 charge on my credit card statement the other day that came from Active Network...