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Ordered Premium Acai Berry under RISK FREE trial, just paid shipping. Reviewed credit card statement and see an $82.31 charge from "Pure Acai along with phone number [protected]. I keep looking down my statement and there's another charge a few days later for $82.31 but this time it's from "" phone number [protected]. So I called the first number and that's when I found out about the "15-Day trial", which is NOWHERE in a PROMINENT position during the ordering process. Okay, my bad. I'll bite the bullet on that one. So when I asked why there was a second charge (I hadn't received another shipment either), I was told that they made an error and would remove the second charge and it would take up to 20 days for that to happen (more BS). I'm already in the process of filing a claim through my bank to dispute the charge on day 21. Also, when I tried to call the second phone number, nothing happens. It doesn't ring, it doesn't go to a voice mail - nothing. After a few seconds, it just disconnects the call. Sure sign of a scam!!! Premium Acai Berry


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      Jul 18, 2009

    Yes I did the same thing. I ordered the acai berry for a free trial. When i recieved the supplement there was no paperwork with it .SO no way to call and cancel anything. MY credit card bill came with two charges on it in one month with a phone number to a customer service place. They wouldn't give me the name of the company. I think that is a red flag.!!! I had no email confirmation even after the order was placed. So there was no way to cancel it without a phone number to call.The only way I got a phone number was with my credit card statement.They said my next order of supplement was it the mail. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY IT IS A SCAM!!! I am going to dispute the charges that is for sure!! arizona

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