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On one fine day I receive a call from a person from ADIB about a loan offer. The offer was that ADIB is offering personal loan with no extra charges (interest and processing). Since it as quiet attractive I asked the person repeatedly whether it is zero processing in reply she confirmed it is 100% sure.
So I started my loan process. Mean while one more person from the same bank sends me an official email about the same that there is no extra charges. With big hassle I managed to get the clearance letter from my existing bank and after submission I have requested my loan advisor to send me the loan details. I never received the details till now. On the day of my loan approval person from the bank called to confirm all details and at the time of ending the call she asked I hope you are aware of the charges for your loan. I got lost I asked her to confirm with my loan advisor, since she said that there is no charges. No one came back to me after that and I called my loan advisor and when asked about the charges she replied again that there is no charges and the person who called do not know the procedure.
The day came when I received my payment with all charged deducted. I called my loan advisor and in return she said it was a mistake.
It is been two months now there is no response from the person and when I escalated the issue to customer service they replied that all charges are correct and they cannot do anything about it. This is an Islamic bank and I never thought I will get this kind of experience.
Iam in Dubai for the past 10yrs and was banking with emirates NBD without any hassle. They are very open and no false promises.
I really regret to open a account with ADIB because of there poor customer service and false information. It is not about the money but about trust. I will close all my loans with this bank asap
I have sent messages to the loan advisor at least to give my loan contract to find out whether there was any charges mentioned. But no reply

with regrets


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