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This is the worse company I have ever ordered from. I put in an order on internet on Dec. 3rd, 2010. They hit my bank and received my money. It was stated 2-3 day delivery. I have yet to receive my product. Dec.9th. I have spoken to Ashley, John, and Tyler numerous times. They have yet to get back to me. They stated they send me emails, which I have never received, even after verifing my address numerous times. I did receive a tracking number and after calling USPS I was told this package was sent to an APO address. Absolutely Pets through John told me this is not their problem it is my problem. I asked to speak to a manager and John told me hi WAS the manager. I asked to speak to owner of Company or higher up and was told by all three that they do not know who owned the Company!!! I asked for a refund $104.00 and was refused. My next step is Attorney Generals office.


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    Pwca Mar 17, 2019

    Thank you for the warning! I was considering buying from them, but I just don't need the frustration!

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    Ken123456789 Apr 04, 2019

    I wish I had known this two months ago when I ordered from AbsolutelyPets on Amazon. They waited an entire month to even ship my $63 dog medicine to me because they were trying to confirm my address. I didn’t get the notification that they tried to contact me, so finally I confirmed and they shipped it. End of story, right? WRONG!!

    They put the wrong zip code on the package even though I gave them the correct zip code twice. The package was looped in the USPS system for a few days and then was “forwarded” and went off the radar. It’s been two months and I still haven’t received the package or a refund. I’ve spoke with Tim from AbsolutelyPets numerous times as well as three people from USPS and one person from Amazon with no luck yet. I’m trying to get my money back from the company, but may have to contact Amazon again to resolve this.


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  • Vi
    Viv85 Jun 28, 2019

    This company is like a drop ship that sells cheap stuff from China at high price. If you have money to waste and time to wait then go ahead. Will not recommend anyone doing business with this company. AVOID

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    Kristina Jefferson Jun 29, 2019
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    I ordered the zymotic for dogs ears! The 4oz for $54. When I recieved the product it was tampered with and seal was broken. I happened to have a smaller bottle that was sealed and sealed in a box. I checked the 2 side by side, smell by smell and come to the figuration that the meds have been replaced with baby oil. I suppose the baby oil could work well in removing debris from pets ears and that has to be why they have good reviews. Why hasn't anyone checked to make sure this item is exactly what its supposed to be. Has your bottle arrived with seal damaged? Ask yourself why!!

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  • Ab
    Absolute Pet BED SCAM Jul 08, 2019

    SCAMMERS! I ordered the XL dog bed in Taupe. Arrived in poorly packaged from CHINA. I contacted the company to return it and they told me I had to return it to CHINA! And they are supposedly located in California. I will write letters to Amazon, Chewy.com and continue to campaign against this company! They are a joke! It is painfully obvious they will refund my $64.99 If this post helps one person not place an order, it's worth it.

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  • Wa
    waterlogic Jul 23, 2019
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    I had the same experience as the poster above. I paid $80 for a bed that doesn't have padding on the bottom, just stuffing that moves around leaving spots with just a layer of fabric against the floor. And if you want to return it, you have to pay 100% return shipping to China. Avoid this company!

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  • An
    Anastasia Horwith Jul 27, 2019
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    Agree with other reviews- it forever to get the $80 bed...there is no padding on the bottom, very cheap construction. Neither of my dogs will use it, nor will my daughters dogs. To even try to return it requires me paying shipping to China - plus they say they won’t accept a return if it’s ‘been used’ - yet how do I know that my dogs don’t like it without trying it out? It shipped in a cheap sheet of plastic, I knew it would be a scam as soon as I saw it. Please do NOT order from these crooks- you will end up with a piece of garbage and be out $80!!!

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  • Cu
    Customer75 May 01, 2020

    Ordered over $200 worth of pet food on March 20th. Amazon claims order is lost during shipping and Absolutely Pets insists that it was received and refuses to resolve the matter. They offer no confirmation of delivery other than the Amazon order number and allegedly filed a claim with Fed Ex to which they have no documentation of. I have paid them over $200 and received Absolutely NO pet food. Do not purchase from them!!!

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  • De
    Deej72 Aug 07, 2020

    Do not from this company. No guarantees if item did work and you had 6 unopened packages, then you are stuck with them. Will not let you return.
    D Johnson

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