AAMCO-Woodstock, GAdestroyed our transmission!


My husband's transmission went out on his 2004 Subaru WRX. We had it towed to AAMCO where they told him that it was a clutch problem, which my husband knew was wrong. They told us they would take it apart and look at it, then call him the next morning. My husband ended up calling them the next afternoon because they never called like they said they would. After days of them telling us they would call and us having to call them when they never called back, they tell us his front differential went out but they couldn't get the part. In the mean time, my husband found a Subaru shop to work on his car, so he had AAMCO box up all the parts and we once again paid $100 to tow the car to the new shop. As soon as we got the car there, the owner looked over the transmission and said it was not the front differential that was out, but the center differential, which is an easy fix and you don't even have to take the transmission out of the car! Also, they spilled transmission fluid all over the front fender and left big, greasy hand prints on his matte black hood (impossible to clean!!) Since they completely destroyed the transmission, we still ended up having to replace the entire transmission. We called AAMCO about a possible refund for what they charged us to take apart his transmission and all they could offer was a credit toward a future repair. Like we would ever bring our car back there for them to destroy!!


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    Charlie Jan 26, 2010

    See if can help your situation!

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    Jimwillis Jan 12, 2012

    Could the person that posted this clarify which aamco in woodstock this complaint was filed on. There are two Aamco centers in Woodstock Ga. and i think this for the location on hwy5.

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    Fed Up to Here Apr 15, 2015

    This pertains to AAMCO, 9880 Main Street, Woodstock, GA

    I can't stress enough to residents of Woodstock, Kennesaw, Acworth, Roswell - do not take your car here. You will come face to face with an insolent, snarky, dishonorable, incompetent owner who could care less about you, your car, or anything other than himself, and you will drive away spewing transmission fluid all over the highway. Trust me on this.

    Go here instead - Aamco Marietta, 1702 Cobb Pkwy SE, Marietta, GA, (770) 952-6400
    Ask for Mark McGregor, and you will have one of the most pleasant and helpful experiences you've ever had in a repair situation that is normally very worrying. Mark and his team are exemplary with their concern for you, the integrity of their shop and the skill and knowledge in which they conduct their business. They have been there for almost 30 years, and there's a reason why their location has five-star reviews all over the Internet. They went way beyond what was expected to help me and my car, and I wish I had gone to them in the first place. Now I know.

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