Aamco Transmissionsfraud and unethical behavior

H Mar 14, 2019

Below is the email I sent to Mr. Nick and Mr. George

As I was opening up your email, you were on the phone with me (Mr. George) and, you proceeded to read me this email over the phone. Once you finished, I preceded to respond to you about the shiftier assembly, .Informing you that it was looked at by Exxon. Mr. Woody from Exxon, said that the shiftier was working properly, as I stated in my previous email. Not knowing that you hung up on me (Mr. George) I went further into my conversation about how Mr. Nick and Rob told me that they will send a tow truck to pick up my vehicle once the shift assembly is fixed, therefore Aamco can fix the Paid in full issue that I had in the beginning.. Wail I was waiting for a response from you ( Mr. George) I realize that you (Mr. George had hung up the phone. As a consumer, and a true believer that a business should treat ALL CUSTOMERS with respect, I couldn't believe what had just happen to me. I felt used, who would take a person money and then hang up on them? I am shocked and angry.I have been in customer services for more then 30+ years and never never came across someone who would treated a customer with such disrespect. To hang up on a customer who serves your business and paid close to $5000.00 and the same issues is still going on with my vehicle is sad and fraudulent. I paid you to fix my vehicle and therefore, I have a right to ask questions when the issue still exists. I have a right to have my vehicle fix as promise. I am asking Aramco to return all paid monies and or paid for the same repairs however, to Exxon who will fix the original issues.I am asking that Aamco pay with in 30 days of this email therefore, I can get my vehicle properly fix..I will be contacting the BBB and other resources that can help me with this fraudulent issue. This consumer have rights and justice will be served.

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