99 Cents Only Storesbad customer service

V Sep 08, 2018

Came to the 99 cent store today September 8, 2018, around 10:30 ish I was walking into the store when the cashier asked to leave my backpack at the register. Minded you I have my wallet, with driver's license, cash debit cards in my backpack. I've never been asked to leave my backpack at the register if I've come in numerous of times when directed to the manager in charge I asked the manager and try to show me where their policy was posted. Manager pointed to the return policy I asked about the policy of not being able to walk in with a backpack supposed having to leave it at the register she said they do that because quote people from the streets come in and steal '' I've replied I'm not a person from the street.I've come here with my backpack. My point is if you're going to steal you're going to steal with the backpack, purse, reusable grocery bag, in their clothes don't stereotype because I have a backpack and I'm going to be stealing and from the street also if you have a policy we please have it visible for customers.
This is the only 99 cent store in Madera Ca.
Also, the Manager makes sure to note I always come in, so should she also remember I always have my backpack.

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