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I'm still out $38.00 total shipping for a returned defective router. Furthermore, the tried to hit me with a 20% restocking fee until I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. A restocking fee on defective gear? Ripoff artists I say! I also WAS NOT told I was being sold an older version router(Pepwave surf SOHO). The newer version wired connections(ether ports) are 10 times faster and had been out for months(as of 10-12-15) when they sold me this outdated gear(junk). Its not even an AC router! I chose to replace the Pepwave  surf SOHO with a Netis WF2780 AC router. The Netis was 1/3 the cost of the Pepwave and thus far has performed flawlessly as a wifi as wan device. Its called WISP on the Netis unit. Warning! If you go with the Netis upgrade the firmware to take care of a security flaw. IMO, the is a good place to lose money if you have a problem with a purchase.


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    3Gstore Oct 13, 2015

    Customer keeps changing his story. Returned product and didn't return all items in box. We alerted him and he threatened that if we charged him for not returning the package complete, he would file a complaint with the BBB. He immediately filed a complaint with the BBB. We decided to give him a full refund for the item he purchased (which we would have anyways as it was only an ethernet cable and this was his 4th purchase with us). Next, he claimed he wanted a refund for shipping charges. The item he returned was not defective as we tested it (plus we have sold 1000s of the Surf SOHOs and it works great for so many). Also, now he claimed the items was an older model, that is also not true. The item we sold started with S/N “29”. All serial numbers that start with “29” indicate this is a SOHO with GB ethernet (which he claims it didn’t have). Our return policy clearly states you don't get shipping charges refunded. It is great being anonymous putting up your story on many web sites, but the number of satisfied customers is something like 100, 000 to 1. We are very sorry it didn't work out for you Mr. Warren Weeks of Tennessee and do wish you the best of luck.

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