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S May 02, 2019

I purchased a ticket on 16t feb for myself and my 9 yrs old daugther to manila philippines to be fly by july 2019.

Unfortunately i had cholysystectomy surgery on the 15th april and at the time im also suffering from acute episode of chronic moderate lumbar sprain on my spine, therefore after recovering from surgery i will undergo for spine theraphy and that last for few months depends on the progression of my pain.

Apart from above, im also having another medical conditions that i dont need to disclose for my own discretion.

I initially rang Abbi the sales consultant on the 19th april to request cancellation of the ticket.. and said that there will be a £460 per person cancellation charge of the airlines.

Abbi then forwarded me to Jon and we spoken over the phone on the 24th april and he asked me to forward any supporting documents. I forwarded via mail the hospital discharge letter along with diagnosis of the chiropractic doctor and said to look onto this by tuesday which is 30th april.

I have sent a reminder email to him but no response, i kept dialing his direct line but line disconnecting.. i spoken to abbi and said that jon was not there.

I am working in a financial business, and in operations perspective- its very important the customers input and comments. deals with complaints and resolve dispute with no further delays... thats how the business grows. Even how busy you are, i believed that theres always a time to read your inbox 24/7. Its not a hard job to just drop one sentence to your customer email for an update, rather than ignoring the messages and not answering the calls.

I contacted qatar airways and its all opposite of what byaheng pinoy statement on the phone.. ticket validity is one year not 3 months, and the airlines never charge £460 per person.

I knew byaheng pinoy since 2012 and i always recommending this travel agency to all our filipino remittance customers, but on my current request.. that im not getting any response or update.. i started loosing my trust.. i have 4 families that kept ringing me since last week, asking for travel agency to book their tickets for this coming school holiday.. but how can i recommend them to byaheng pinoy? If my own request is still hang.

I want to cancel this ticket and refund the payment back to the card i used for payment. Any charges deducted please put in writing and send it to me via post.

Thank you

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