24 Hour Fitness USAcustomer service

R Aug 06, 2018

WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. The team members at the front are alright but the management is terrible. The GM MARK FRAGOZA is definitely having a relationship with one of his trainer employees and it is outrageous, so unprofessional. Every time I aske to speak to him he's not there because he's with his employee girlfriend! He's so unprofessional and none of his management team seems to care about customer service either!
They all claim to be too busy to talk to the members and this is why I am cancelled my membership, my husbands and my two sons. Thanks to mark and his management team you have lost 4 members from the gym. I will be joining another gym. All I wanted to talk to management about was why my account hasn't been frozen and no one wants to give me an answer it's ridiculous!!
I truly hope that some action is taken upon this club and the management here.

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