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guest pass refusal and rude treatment!

I am a long-time 24 Hour Fitness member (since 2001 or before) who has been happy with the clubs and the service since joining. I am shocked at the lack of respect and disregard in the handling a simple, guest pass use and membership request for my son, by all levels of employees of 24 Hour Fitness - Bakersfield 93313 location.

I took my son over to the gym with a 14 day pass that was given to me by the clerk - so he could try it out. We went one day and it was fine, the next day the girl at the desk had my son fill out a form, we thought so he could here about membership. But when Jose, fitness counselor arrived he took us to his desk and asked how many times my son had come in, I said once, with that he said this" card is expired". I said I just received it. I said but I have 2 fitness one day guest pass that came with my membership, he said he is no longer a first time visitor and he was denied entrance. No sales pitch, nothing just rudely asked to leave!!!

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    guerreirosol Oct 31, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went yesterday to 24 hrs fitness at parkmoore san jose and I had the same experience... they were rude, unfriendly, and they didn't care about what I had to say instead they keep on asking who gave me the pass... ridiculous... the new crew SUCKS!!!

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no air in exercise rooms

I am a new member of the 24 hour super sport club in Glendale California, 91202. On Tuesday, July 25, 2007 I and another member Katie Sabella met to take the 5pm pilates pulse class, in the glassed -in exercise room.

When I entered the space I was overwhelmed by the airless, hot, no air conditioned, no ventilation -space. There was the instructor, MIA, and about 12 other women about to take the class. I asked the instructor about the air situation. She proceeded to say that there was never any air conditioning or air circulation while she's been teaching for months. This was confirmed by the other women.

I was incredulous that these women tolerated such conditions. When I asked the instructor why she didn't demand air for her clients her response was that she informed the management under Ron Douad and still nothing was ever done about it. She then said that she only worked there twice a week so she didn't have any power. Another client added that there WAS air conditioning, but it started in that room 15 minutes before the next class came in. Dissatisfied with such passivity and victimization, I went to the front desk to complain. No one wanted to deal with me. So I went to the man who signed me up and he tried to find personnel who could help. Meanwhile the other employees chimed in that the air was pre -set to go on fifteen minutes before the class, but just not THAT class. Well I am taking THAT class and I want some air! What if I fainted? What if my blood pressure got too high and I'm taken to the hospital in an ambulance because of a heart condition incident? Are we thinking that a potential lawsuit against this company for negligent health conditions is a real possibility? Well I would.

Mr. Ron Douad came into the space to "check it out" and to see what he could do to turn on the air. After looking at something he announced that the air comes on 15 minutes before the class and that it takes 15 minutes to "Kick in". To which the women who took this class twice a week said that there has NEVER been any air pumped in during their times working out. At this point Ron left the space and I was hyperventilating. I said open the doors, there's plenty of air in the big space with treadmills, etc.

No one responded and this pilates pulse instructor told us to start our exercising since all this 'discussion' was causing us to start late. She told us to "let go"of the air problem and concentrate on the body and BREATHING! INHALE slowly, she says, AND EXHALE on 4 counts. You've got to be kidding! I felt as if I was going to pass out.

Now it was true, cold air began to fill the room 15 minutes BEFORE the NEXT class. But the now 15 members of this pilates class were BREATHLESS.

UNHEALTHY 24 hour fitness! At the desk I asked an employee named Dulcie, if she knew what else we could do to remedy this situation and she said impatiently, "Just open the door!"

I then asked to speak to whoever was really in charge of this facility. Nobody knew. Dulcie gets on the PA system and loudly, annoyingly ,barks," Will a manager PLEASE come to the front desk, ANY manager Pleeze come to the front desk. Now thoroughly embarrassed by her humiliating me in front of so many other clients, a reluctant and slightly irritated Ron Douad reappears. As I ask AGAIN about the air situation ,he impatiently REMINDS me that he was the guy who checked out the 'problem' earlier . Yes I remember I said. Here I smiled at him so he knew we were friendly 'complainers' (katie Sabella was also a client and witness) AND that we knew none of this was his responsibility since he had no control over the air situation. 'What shall I do Ron to get the respose I need, so I don't become sick in an airless room while doing strenuous breathing exercises'?

I can not tolerate this 24 hour UNFITNESS!

Katie Sabella then remarked, that she was going to leave as well since she only signed up for the club to swim. She has yet to swim ,since the pool has been 'broken' for the last 7 months. No one ,not even Ron seemed to know the answer to How, What , WHEN and Why.

Now Ron takes us to his computer to show us how to make a complaint, because he clearly has no power to help rectify the situation. He then comments that this same problem exists in the cycling spin class upstairs. Can you imagine such arrogant neglect of members health in a HEALTH CLUB!

As Ron is downloading info on the computer, I happen to see a wall plaque next to him proudly displaying the CORE values of the 24 hour Fitness Club. Next to that there is a plaque reminding employees of what is expectedfrom them in order to maintain a high level of service to it's members. Cool, I thought. I pointed out to Ron the Following: "Ron, the first value of the club reads CARING. Obviously NO ONE cares because NO ONE seems to know any reason why the air is not working. Therefore no one cares about client safety and welfare. #2 ACCOUNTABILITY well that is non-existent at this Glendale facility. Everyone there seems to have Teflon shoulders and passes the buck to the next guy 'cause it's not their job TO KNOW.

Where is accountability??? #3 LIMITLESS. HUH? What's that? limitless service?, limitless caring? limitless accountability? the mind reels trying to figure that one out. All I have experienced today were very LIMITED staff, who possessed very LIMITED authority in dealing with these two clients concerns. #4 INTEGRITY Oh my dears. This attribute is a byproduct of the success of the previous three, and we already know what a failure we have there thus far. #5 FUN Well it ain't no fun to suffocate in a pilates class, ever.

SO Now What Ron?"

This now humble and kind man admitted that we definitely had a point.

I asked Ron, since He was right there on the computer, why won't he do this long letter work himself, since he agrees with our concerns and needs. He then informs us that corporate is membership driven and that the members must speak out. Hence, my letter of complaint.

Now what ARE you gonna do to remedy this dire situation and restore faith in your club? Shame on whoever is the BOSS of this enterprise running a sloppy venue and charging a lot of money for non-service!

Waiting for a change, waiting to come up for air!

Diane Venora
Katie Sabella

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    Billy Badass Dec 17, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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harassment and misleading membership information

My first complaint is regarding the handling of my membership. I signed up to join 24 hour fitness almost 3 years ago, in which most of those years I went to the gym 3-5 days a week. I went between the Tualitan gym and the Murray Scholls gym in Beaverton. I noticed signs up on the wall regarding the Tualitan gym having a "remodel". Little did I know, they were turning the gym into a Super Club. When I purchased my membership, I purchased an all club membership. I soon found out that my membership would no longer be valid at that gym and that I would have to pay an upfront fee and my dues would go up almost $30/month. I had paid an upfront fee and an ongoing $99 a year. I feel that it was unjustly and they should have grandfathered me in. They track the times you check in and new I went there frequently. This "oh well' attitude by the employees is wrong and the corporation should have lived up to the contract I signed.

On April 11th I was working out at the Pearl gym with a coworker of mine. She was running late so I started the weight workout before she got there. When she arrived she asked me to let her get caught up with me. Of course, I said yes. I even offered to hold her notebook and write down her sets. I was soon approached by an employee and another "off the clock" employee (two men) accusing me of being a personal trainer. I thought they were joking at first. I had just been doing my workout for the last 20 minutes next to the "off the clock" employee. I have no credentials and I am also not getting paid. I'm simply working out with a friend. In fact, my finance used a personal trainer at 24 hour fitness to help him continue physical therapy after his insurance quit paying. He would have had me do it if I was this personal trainer I was being accused of. Furthermore, I am a female that is 5'9" and 135 lbs. I don't think two men needed to confront me.

On top of it they did not even have the authority to approach me. After they stood there accusing and arguing with me for a few minutes. I asked for a manager. They stood there with there chests puffed out and arms crossed and told me to go find him and pointed toward the check in desk. When I found the assistant and club manager they apologized for their behavior and said they had not right to approach me. After this I asked my friend if I had done anything to provoke their aggressive behavior. She said that I was very calm and precise about why I was standing there and told them three times that I was not a personal trainer and the reason why I was standing there and holding the notebook. I am very angry about this. Over half the people in the weight area have a workout partner. Are we now not allowed to have a workout partner to help motivate us?

If I want to hold my friends damn notebook, there is no law nor written terms in our contracts stating that we can not workout with a friend. I have never been perceived as a personal trainer nor perceived myself as a personal trainer. I have filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau for this unethical complaint. My request was a short suspension of the employees and my membership back at the Tualitan gym. I'm tired of these employees getting away with treating the members like crap. I have seen it happen to many others. Unfortunately, I can only file my own interactions. I go to the gym to workout the stress of the day and now it is stressful to go workout.

  • De
    demuffinman Jul 08, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I hate ### like this. What as***ts!

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terrible customer and equipment management!

The Agassi 24-Hour Fitness in Las Vegas continues to be one of the classier fitness facilities in Vegas. Additional positives have come into form during the past year; perhaps tied to several new members of the staff, which includes new fitness management and front desk personnel who regularly offer their assistance and kindly greet members.

The following are simply a few things that the club could easily change and improve upon in order to step its image a few more notches; allowing members to continue to be proud that they are a part of the Agassi health club.

Though there are other clubs in the area, e.g. Las Vegas Athletic Club on Rainbow or the Summerlin Gold’s Gym at Lake Mead and Buffalo, unlike several friends and associates, I’ve never selected the option to end my Agassi membership considering the club presents a number of positives; for example it’s more easily accessible and often times less congested. Plus, I’ve been a member of 24-Hour fitness for many years. However, please take into account the following items. If they were addressed it would present some big improvements.

The locker rooms are not regularly cleaned. The locker room floors and showers continue to be consistently dirty. Simple ongoing maintenance is neglected. The floors are dirty and corroded. Certain lockers are worn, damaged, or missing parts. By the sinks the old soap pumps at the counters were finally removed and reliable dispensers mounted on the walls. Those turned out great. However, for a long period of team the disgusting holes in the marble counters where the old pumps were stationed remained uncovered. It looked like a gas station counter. It just seems that the club could and should try to keep a better image for their customers. Also, in the showers there is ongoing buildup along the edges of the walls, drains, and tile. The small soap shelves in the showers are left rusted and broken off the hinges. It would just take a few repairs and an occasional strong cleaning.

Also, equipment is not maintained. The simple process of oiling, tightening, and repairing equipment is seldom performed. Even when a customer such as myself points out the equipment that needs maintenance there is little to any response to the request. Eventually, members begin avoiding specific pieces of equipment because it becomes obvious that it will never be maintained or repaired by the health club. For long periods of time the same pieces of equipment are left with broken parts or squealing hinges or missing components. The health club could simply do a daily spot check of equipment. Ensure it’s operable and balanced. Currently, equipment remains unusable for extended periods of time. It is nice that occasionally a tag indicating the equipment is unavailable is affixed, however it seems that even when the problem has been mentioned to the front desk, written by them on a maintenance clipboard, in the end the problem appears to continue. Certain pieces of equipment continue to show signs of loose parts and may wobble back and force when someone tries to use it. Some members quickly loose their motivation when it’s difficult or uncomfortable to use a piece of equipment and they become discouraged and stop their exercising. In such a high end club it’s surprising that there is not a maintenance person designated to regularly check all equipment; allowing them to tighten parts, clean equipment, oil joints, and adjust belts.

Children, perhaps early teens, are allowed to roam about the club, jumping between equipment, and often times just playing games, without any parental supervision. There are 24-Hour Fitness policies that restrict that type of activity.

It’s just that occasionally it appears that the unoccupied personal trainers do not offer their input and assistance to members. Often times the trainers who are not working with customers who have purchased training sessions (which I have purchased on many occasions) can be seen standing or sitting to the side chatting with each other. When off in the distance it’s evident that members are attempting to figure out how to properly use equipment. Those trainers could be providing their input. They could be promoting safe and effective use of the equipment that members have paid to use. Tied to the topic of personal trainers it seems that equipment is sometimes held hostage by certain personal trainers; occupying a single piece of equipment for upwards of thirty minutes. The equipment is not even fully utilized during that timeframe. On the contrary, other exercises are performed in front of the equipment. It would be much more courteous for those trainers to perform the exercises that do not involve the equipment, away from the equipment. There is no reason for them to hold the piece of equipment hostage for long periods of time when the equipment is only utilized 20% of that timeframe; not fair to other customers.

  • Ch
    Cher Dec 01, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree, but the women's restrooms are very nice and clean. The problem is that the trainers are not paid enough money to help out in between waiting for their clients, they need a bigger cut of the session fees, then we will see a big difference in their attitudes. I think they are great, always friendly and helpful if you ask, but face it no one wants to work for free.

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  • Be
    beth Jan 03, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I totally agree with everything that has been written. The only reason I continue to go to this club is the convenience. THe club is dirty and the machines are not taken care of. WHen I mentioned the dirtiness to the front desk they replied that they had lost their janitor!!! The machines are often out of service for long periods of time and other machines are wobbly as stated in the previous email. If you try to practice basketball you are run off by people playing full court basketball... SOmething needs to be done to improve the quality of the club.

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  • Ri
    Rich Jan 09, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This club could be so much better than it is. The location is great but it just isn't clean enough. The pool area is always dirty so I stopped swimming in the pool. The spin teacher, Eliza, is awesome and is pretty much the reason we go there.

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  • Jo
    jojo9 Sep 12, 2009

    Most of the front desk girls are young and have a not care attitude and who would rather be talking on their cell phones than to work by keeping the club clean and stocked up. There is no manager at the club for a few months now and every morning I go there, there is never any towels in the women's restroom, the soap dispensers in the showers are not filled, no sanitizing wipes in the dispenser. Everything in the gym is disgustingly filthy as though they have not been wiped down in a long time. This is an Agassi Super Sport gym and everyone who goes there pays extra money to be a member so the QUALITY of the gym needs to be superb, clean, fully stocked and most importantly providing EXCELLENT customer service. Most of the young girls are very very RUDE.

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fault advertisement!

24-hour fitness is a liar!

I was at health Fair at Qwest field in Seattle WA in March 2007. I won a 30 days free pass by spinning the wheel at 24 hours fitness promotion boot. I was given a 24 hours fitness free pass card with hand written said 30 days over the 10 days pass on it. When I tried to redeem the 30 days pass prize at downtown Metro 24 hour’s fitness, manager rudely denied the prize exist. He accused me of crossing off the 10 days and written 30 days over it myself. I was treated as if I was a fraud.

Note to 24-hour fitness, if you cannot afford the promotion. Do not make any promises. You are wasting my time. By the way, this complains is plastered all over the internet. Have a good day liars.

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