Zibby / Cognicalzibby leasing

J Nov 20, 2019

I have a lease agreement with Zibby through Wayfair. I make payments the first of every month. At 8 am, they are calling me 8-12x a day, back to back. They call asking for ADDITIONAL payments and when I finally did to get them to stop calling me, they said they didn't receive either payment even though my bank shows both payments were taken through Zibby. Now it says I'm past due. (I'm not, my next payment isn't until December 1st)

My bank card was stolen and when I went online to change my information, I saw that Zibby had been attempting to charge my card for the past couple weeks, even though my contract says they CANNOT do this. I am not on autopay.

This is a Scam company. They keep changing how much I owe every time and can't provide a record of my balance due to the history of payments. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone unless you like your money being stolen.

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