Zestadswarm wind machine

W Jan 07, 2020 Review updated:

This product is NOT what was shown on the video. It does not work: it sparks, smells of burning plastic and the fan does not come on. It is a FIRE HAZARD. It is obviously an inferior product with absolutely no quality control from China. There is no way to send it back to China! I wish to get my money back. I wll return it if you give me a suitable return address.



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      Jan 08, 2020

    I have the same problem. I bought 2 warm wind machines and they quite with in 4-5 hours of use. Definitely not worth keeping. I would like a refund .Let me know if you want them back!!!

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      Jan 09, 2020

    I also purchased 2 warm wind machines and they are absolutely inferior products. I put one in my medium sized bathroom for 1 and 1/2 hours and it was no warmer than my coolish bedroom. I want my money back. There was no paperwork with the package and I don't know how to send this back and get a refund. HELP!!!

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      Jan 17, 2020

    I received two of these Heaters(?) and I didn't order them. They were fraudulently charged to my PayPal account and I intend to get reimbursed one way or another.

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