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W Jul 18, 2019

buy online the following product and I have not received it on July 18, 2019 and I have not received any comments or information on when I can receive the product
Could you please tell me when I can receive the purchased product?

Transaction ID: 13E81434GC157294A
Hello, Willebaldo Ramirez:
You have sent a payment in the amount of $ 142.94 USD to ZestAds Limited
([email protected])

This transaction may take a few moments to appear in your account.
ZestAds Limited
[email protected]
Instructions for trade
He has not given any instructions to the seller.
Shipping Address
Willebaldo Ramirez
Felix Cantu Lozano 645
Colonia Villasol
Apodaca, NL 66635
Shipment details
The seller has not yet provided shipping details.
Description Price per unit Quantity Amount
Buy 10 Free 10 Sets (120 Pcs) - Diabex
$ 142.94 USD 1 $ 142.94 USD
Subtotal $ 142.94 USD
Total $ 142.94 USD
Payment $ 142.94 USD
The charge will appear on your credit card statement as «PAYPAL * SHOPONLINE»
Payments sent to [email protected]

buy 10 free 10 sets (120 pcs) - diabex

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