Zaxby'semployment with zaxbys

C Sep 13, 2018 Review updated:

First I would like to say is the zaxbys I work at is not very tidy and clean at all we have roaches crawling around the walls in the back have dried on food on them the managers act like they don't care about there crew there's alot of gossip goes around the bathrooms are truly disgusting theres dust above the ice machine where the ice bucket goes which should not be clean and free of dust the general manager that filled in for tonight his name is Chad was chewing gum while working and should not be aloud to get away with that considering that you could splat spit into people's food and I noticed that he was rude there's alot that goes on in this zaxbys store that should not be gotten away with the score should not be a 91

  • Updated by Cute84$ · Sep 13, 2018

    I do my job first off and second you can't even spell you need to go back to grammar school

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