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I would like to file for a complaint on my order for Nike Back Pack. I purcahsed the item last august 8, 2019 and i received a notification that it will be delivered the next day which is august 9, unfortunately upon my follow up with entrego they said that their scheduled delivery on august 9 will be postponed due to weather condition. Actually this is not my first time to purchase at Zalora it was just so dissappointing that after several purchases this was the first time i encountered too delayed delivery. I called up entrego since monday as no one is answering during weekends, only last monday that i contacted and talked to someone at entrego his name is eric saying it will be delivered on august 13, 2019 same as with my request since we do not have office in weekends plus it is holiday last monday august 12. Again, the whole day of august 13 passed and there is no any delivery or notification happened. I called up again entrego with the 3 different person - juniel, aicel, i forgot the other name then they said they do not have control with the delivery hub. Wow! How could they help customers with that response? So disgusting. After 3 attempts at entrego i called up zalora then a girl responded and said no worries ma'am ur package wil be delivered within the day as she will only be sending an email at entrego. Well again and again nothing happened the wholeday.

Can you please attend to your customer's propely. I paid for that item and yet there is no assuarance that it will still be delivered? What kind of service is that? I paid in full for that item. If nothing will happen to this complaint i will file it at DTI. No one is attending to mu concern from entrego and even at zalora.

Zalora Group

Aug 13, 2019

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