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In March, we were finally ready to purchase a brand new sofa, and headed to Z Gallerie. I really like the style of the sofas that they have, and being able to choose our own fabric and have the sofa "custom made" was a big plus for me. After 4 visits to the store, we finally chose the Soho Sofa in the Graphite fabric. The swatch was a dark grey, and we happily paid the $1200 for the sofa. About 5 weeks later, the sofa was delivered to our home. When I got home from work, I felt sick. The sofa was PURPLE. I had planned on posting before and after pictures of our living room, but with a purple sofa, I was beyond embarrassed. I wouldn't even take a purple sofa for free, let alone pay $1200 for it! Having studied interior design, I went to work searching for what other colors in the room could be reflecting and making the sofa look purple. We bought a new rug with grey in it, hoping to make the couch appear more grey. It didn't work. We painted the walls in the room a cooler color hoping to make the couch appear more grey. Also didn't work.
Every Time I walked into the room, this giant Barney-looking sofa stared back at me, and it's embarrassing to have spent such a large amount of money on something that I dislike SO much.
Last week, we took one of our sofa cushions into the local Z Gallerie store to compare it to the swatch. They were totally different colors! The swatch is a dark grey, like we chose, and our sofa cushion was purple! The Z Gallerie employee even agreed that they were two very different colors and gave us the Customer Service number. After calling, emailing, and sending photos of the swatch on top of our cushion, I was told that we got exactly what we ordered, and that over time, the couch color will "lighten up". So they're telling me that their product is such a low quality, that I should expect it to fade, and that the faded color is what I want/ordered? How long will it take for my $1200 sofa to fade to the color that was misrepresented in the store? Should I put it out on my back porch so that the sun can "lighten" it up to look like the swatch which we chose from? I understand variations in color and would have been totally fine with a lighter or darker grey than the Graphite swatch. However, paying $1200 for a purple couch is not what I agreed to. Now I have to figure out whether I can live with a couch that makes me sad, sell it and try to recoup some of the cost so that I can purchase a sofa somewhere else that cares about their customers and doesn't deceptively display incorrect color swatches to choose from, or pay more money to get it reupholstered to a fabric of my choosing. Had I known that the "variations in color" could mean a totally different hue, I would have never invested that much into a sofa. And if this is an example of their standard of customer service, I will not be giving my hard-earned money to them any longer I will be sure that everyone I know hears the story about the "Barney" couch, and how they refused to do anything about it.

Z Gallerie
Z Gallerie

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