Yves Rocherunethical behavior

On 27.06.2019 my mother went to the Yves Rocher store and asked seller to show her products which do not contain "Aloe Vera", as she has a severe allergy to it. The seller showed her some products and she bought them. At home I read the ingredients of shower gel and saw that it actually contains "Aloe Vera". Next day we went to the store again and asked them to change it, but the seller told us that we are not alowed to change or return it. During the talk it turned out that the seller herself was uninformed about the product that she was selling. She behaved unpolitely and we asked to call her manager for complain. But the manager didnot showed up. Then she stupidy told that it was written on the bill that we do not change or return the products. However the bill is a formal proof of completed transaction and anything written on it except the transaction details do not have any juridical power. When I explained her that the bill is only given after the transaction completed and if as it says on it we cannot return or change the product how come it is possible to do it then. She again stupidly told that you could return it while you were in the store which is very hilarious as noone buys any product whith intention to return it seconds after the transaction completed. After long talk in front of other customers she unethically refused to change the product and because of her guilt we left with the shower gel which we cannot use.
Because of this kind of people now we and many people like us stopped buying your products and you are loosing your customers. Please monitor the sellers in Azerbaijan and be sure they match your quality.

Jul 01, 2019

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