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Yves Rocher reviews & complaints

Yves Rocher complaints 43

Yves Rocher - Monoi de tahiti yves rocher

Hi, I have a product quality complaint regarding monoi de tahiti. I bought "monoi de tahiti" several months ago. I have been using it since last month. Beside I dont use it frequently today I realized that there is something inside seems like fungus. I cannot describe it well, I attached the relevant photos.
I am a pharmacist and right now Im very worried about the results of this problem that could improve my skin health. Do you have any idea? what is wrong with this product?

Yves Rocher - Evidence perfume

Customer # [protected]...041
Sandra Kreun
Evidence Item # 25327

What has happened to the Evidence parfume? (L'Eau de Parfume)
It use to have such a beautiful fragrance. I noticed a change in my last order, but not to this extent.
I use to get complements from everyone that I smelled so good. And it was true. The fragrance was clean and floral.

... TEARS! It now smells sour and makes me feel nausea.

I'd return it, but not worth the shipping expense.
Darn! The most beautiful fragrance that I truly loved no longer exists. Now I have nothing.
Why was the fragrance changed. Big mistake.

Desired outcome: Just take me off your e-mail list and no catalogues from the U.S. mail Thank you.

Yves Rocher - I did not receive my orders

orders dated 3/19/2021
Customer# [protected]
Invoice# [protected]
Address 16561 SW 144th Court
Miami, FL 33177


Yves Rocher - envp arbonne

ENVP Arbonne Iain Pritchard is using his loyal customer base on instagram to speak about consiracy theories about covid... here is what a customer says; Frankly I am disappointed to read that someone I have looked up to in the past, is using their influence to spread misinformation. If you would like a reliable source then please volunteer in a hospital and see what it is like for yourself, before spreading conspiracy theories.


Yves Rocher - Hair serum

I placed an order for 2 anti hairfall serum from Yves rocher worth 1180 rubles they deducted my money from account but never told me order is placed or order number I sent many mails to ask to give...

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Jan 14, 2020

Yves Rocher - bad client service & bad return policy

I am writing to make a complaint on the return policy and minimal level of concern for customer satisfaction in two Yves Rocher stores. I bought a gift basket and wanted to return it. The first time...

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Yves Rocher - manager

Hello, my name is Susie Lacroix and I was at your store at the carrefour de l'estrie Sherbrooke Quebec with my daughters today (because it's the closet one to me and I love your products) but I will...

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Dec 14, 2019

Yves Rocher - service

I was come to yves rocher store at paris van java bandung in Dec 14, 2019 and Miss Dea was do unpolite attitude with calling me Madam.Im very unpleasent with her.I hope all customer can call with...

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Nov 17, 2019

Yves Rocher - yves rocher serum vegetal

I bought the above product from shoppers Stop along with toner .iam using this from past four days and m feeling redness and itching on my face also some wrinkles iam feeling .I don't want this product anymore and I will return the product need my amount back as the sales person said it's completely natural product no harmful ingredients in this but as I can see in d ingredients lot many unnatural ingredients present.i also bought under eye cream and m feeling the same inconvenience.Kindly understand my concern and provide me solution

Jul 01, 2019

Yves Rocher - unethical behavior

On 27.06.2019 my mother went to the Yves Rocher store and asked seller to show her products which do not contain "Aloe Vera", as she has a severe allergy to it. The seller showed her some product...

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Yves Rocher - service of gran via store in madrid

So, yesterday I bought this perfume at yves rocher, that I wanted, paid cash and later opened the box and later at home realized the girl gave me the wrong aroma. I went there today tried to change...

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Jun 01, 2019

Yves Rocher - total disrespect for online customers

I'm hoping this complaint will reach Yves Rocher in France, even though I purchased their products from the US website. I feel both locations are at fault.

Once you have made your purchase and have handed over your money, the shipping facility at the Yves Rocher warehouse practically vandalizes your merchandise. They do NOT use the correct sized box. They do NOT carefully pack or wrap your items. They do NOT include promised samples or free gifts half of the time. They simply take all your items and throw them into an oversize box so everything can smash against each other while in transit.

Each time, I contacted customer service and sent photos. I asked where my missing free items were and I asked about products that arrived damaged. But I either get ignored or I get an auto-robot message stating "we're sorry you were unhappy with your order & have a nice day". Not ONCE have they ever tried to make things right.

May 13, 2019

Yves Rocher - be kind to members

Hallo, I would like to complain, and at the same time make some suggestions. I was visiting a Yves Rocher outlet in Klagenfurt today, and I have brought along the wrong voucher/coupon that had...

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Yves Rocher - racial discrimination at the store

I went to the marienplatz, munich store on monday, 15th april 2019. I asked for white botanical cleansing oil, the tallest staff there told me that they don't sell white botanical cleansing oil since they are white. I am an indian so I was treated like that. Horrible experience ever. I decided to not enter yves rocher store ever after. I would rather go to douglas or sephora or muller and buy better cruelty free, vegan products than buy from yves rocher which claim that they are botanical and do not use harsh chemicals which is not true according to the ewg.

Jun 01, 2019

Yves Rocher seems to have issues with all people who are NOT French. I live in the U.S. and the customer service here is shameful as well.

Yves Rocher - yves rocher 24hr antiperspirant lotus flower from laos

I have been a customer for over 20 years, drawn to your product line based on natural safe ingredients. I've been using your products for all of these years, I recommended your products to my sister who has now been a faithful customer as well. I recently noticed that my young 18 year old nice has followed our example and is using your moisturizers, body wash and antiperspirant. I myself purchased an antiperspirant recently and noticed that the 2nd ingredient is aluminium chlorohydrate. I should mention that I am a Breast Cancer survivor and have learned about the potential dangers of Aluminum in its potential to build up in breast tissue and make women more prone to breast cancer. Although you can still find articles stating there is no clear link, I have to say that I have met with doctors, nutritionists, nurses, naturopaths and other experts who believe there is enough evidence for companies such as yourself to remove Aluminum from your products. Here is one article to consider. https://universityhealthnews.com/daily/cancer/does-antiperspirant-cause-cancer-heres-why-you-should-be-concerned-about-aluminum-toxicity/
The product I mention looks lovely and has a wonderful soft fragrance, yet contains aluminum. I remain a faithful Yves Rocher customer a big fan of your Riche Creme. I have since, however, advised my niece not to use your antiperspirant and I will not be using this one that I purchased. I hope you can find some substitute for the aluminum in this product that is safe or eliminate it from this and other products with the Yves Rocher name. Thank You for your consideration.

Jun 01, 2019

I also question just how "botanical" a lot of their products are, not just the anti-antiperspirant. I used to love their products 20 or 25 years ago. But now, almost every product I try triggers a negative re-action.


Yves Rocher - complaint on customer service

Dear Sir. madame, I'm complaining about a very bad customer experience in super u of flacq Mauritius., one of yr staff refused to sell yr products because my wife did not had her privilege card .I...

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Yves Rocher - products

I used to purchase Yves Rocher products all the time but have stopped buying in recent years due to quality change! Your products used to be varied and beautifully packaged but now it seems that the...

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Dec 07, 2018

Yves Rocher - purchased a serum vegetal eye cream, once at home the tube was completely empty (no cream at all).

On Sunday December 2nd, I purchased 2 items from the Yves Rocher store in Fairview Shopping center; Serum Vegetal, "wrinkles & radiance ultra-smoothing serum" and "wrinkles & radiance, aluminizing...

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Nov 30, 2018

Yves Rocher - services

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I would like to file a compliant regarding the shopping experience I had with your store in Hong King - Diamond Hill Hollywood Plaza.

I made a purchase of skin care product sometime in Oct /Nov 2017. At the time, there was promotion offer of paying HK$ 150, and enjoy one time facial service worth of HK 450. I did pay for that, as I lived close by and it would be convenient for me to have the service when I needed urgently.

However, due to my busy work schedule, I rarely have the time to go and experience the facial, and the invoice of HK$150 started to faded.

Around mid 2018, I visited your store again and purchased the bathing oil, the beauty advisor advised me to key in the record into the system, and I no longer need to keep this fading invoice in my wallet. I am happy to take the option and pass the invoice to that beauty advisor to scan into the system.

This Oct, I went back to the store and tried to book the facial service, the same beauty advisor told me could not locate any record in your system? And it was too long ago, the facial service is no longer valid? And without the invoice, I am not able to redeem the service!

I was shocked and disappointed that I was told the invoice was faded and it is ok to discard as it has been taken care of in your system.
And I was never informed that there is expiry date for the facial service?

Shop manager Ms Wan tried to look into the case, and she informed me that no record was found. I requested to redeem HK150 of product and no more facial service.

Sadly, Ms Wan informed me that it was purchased in 2017, it expired and without the invoice, nothing can be done?

The services and follow up of the beauty advisor and shop manager was neither up to standard, nor professional. If I was not told the invoice can be discard, I would have kept it for the service. Why would I bother to discard as I have already keeping it for 6 months or so?

I used to trust Yves Rocher is a company of excellent services and quality products. However, after this poor shopping experience, I will not enjoy the Brand anymore.

Please reply to me via the following email.


Katherine Wong

Email: [protected]@hotmail.com


Yves Rocher - order

my order came today which my no. [protected]. I sent my money with a 50 dollar coupon and you say I still 50 dollars. there is some kind of mixup because if the 50 coupon was no good then I wouldn't...

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