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Your Savings Club review: Fraudulent charges

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I received an email for a Gas Station survey to win a $500 gas card. I filled out the survey about the Shell gas station where I had signed up for their rewards program at the pump yesterday (6/16). I won the $500 gas card but had to pay the $1.99 shipping charges. Everything seemed legit to that point. I entered my card information and the url had the lock symbol which is supposed to mean it's a secure site. HA! Checked my bank account immediately afterward and everything seemed fine. Three hours later I check again and I have $89.95 coming out of my account from Corner Savings. My bank needs to wait for the charge to clear before they can dispute and then I get to wait 10 days before it gets credited back to my account. The number on the website for customer service is [protected]. The number on the bank charge is [protected]. When I went back into my internet search history the website is not found.

This is my grocery money, so I guess my 2-year old and I don't get to eat this week. Yay!

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Jun 24, 2022 1:12 pm EDT

i too was taken in by this scam but my bank notified me before paying dont know how they got my bank info


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