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A Aug 15, 2018

Gina Ruth Youfit
Good evening I have a major complaint On location hammock Blvd and the manager or supervisor who was attending that location. Didn't catch his name Tall dark hair gentle man his name is Gabriel . I'm asking he should be fired dismiss ASAP . As Other will file complaints and law suits . The Incident happen today 8 14 2018. Tuesday At 720 pm hammock you fit. I was waiting for my Zumba class to start at 730pm cause I really enjoy it after tense day at work help ‘s me relief Feel an accomplishment . But today After 20 year of going to the same location formerly porky s I felt So discuss and felt discrimination against me . I had my gym bag and other person as well on my shoulder. Because I go directly from work To the gym for the past 20 year . I know you cannot place gym bag on the floor or by equipment you need place it lockers. I'm waiting for my class to go inside studio Standing right by the door with my bag pack on my shoulder. This ruthless young man unprofessional obviously he does not care about losing customer. humiliated me in front of other. He argued with me and with rest customers causing a big commotion. As he mention that if we don't place our bag inside locker 5 min away from class to start . We will no longer have a membership. I Pay my advance entire year for the past 20 years I was not going not going to place my bag for minute locker specially after miss treated me . I'm a professional not a child like this inexperience young man and he Need to go back to school for more education on Management . He was rude unprofessional Does not know how speak to customer . Worse as I approached my class in the middle class he said the police is waiting for me outside . He did this show off that was a turn off . So now after 20 year I'm not allowed to go hammock location anymore . if I do will get arrested took my info Driver license just For carrying bag pack 5 min away from class to start by the door. I have lime card I can go to any location and I always carry bag back for other class never had a problem . This person has an issue against me and if you keep him you will lose more client. You fit is not the only gym . After intense day will contact my lawyer and file a law suit against you fit and gentlemen you fit for discrimination . Basically I was disliked by him. According to the officer he told me . All my friends go gym hammock not anymore. Watch reviews not going renew any more . I'm so disappointed at you fit so unprofessional . My advice hire professional not children. The manager name at that location is Gabriel address 1020 Hammocks blved suite 130 Miami, Fl 33197
Ana Lopez

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