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Hi, this isn't a complaint as much as a request. I tried the Oui French Style Yogurt for the first time recently. It was delicious.

The reason I bought it was because it's in a glass jar. I am trying to avoid buying single use plastic. It's a very pretty little jar, and I plan to use mine for various things, but I can only use so many little glass jars.

Milk in glass jars is starting to become trendy again, and I'm wondering why you couldn't do the same? If they can reuse milk jugs, why not yogurt containers?

Yoplait would be wise to get out ahead of the curve on the containers you are using. More and more people, like me, are basing our purchases on the types of containers and materials our foods come in.

If we can send men to the moon, we can figure out a better way to package yogurt, and everything else.

Thanks for your consideration.

Jul 24, 2019

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