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This is a complaint against Yelp not the restaurant for illegal life threatening suppression of a review of a restaurant. Yelp needs to change its ways.

I ate at PJ Harbour Club and wrote a complaint about the bad service, bad food, fabulous views, and most important Board of Health concerns. i.e. that I would be lodging a complaint with the Suffolk County Board of Health. I see that Yelp wrongly suppressed that review entirely saying that it violated its terms of service. I noticed other bad reviews were reported in a special section giving a false impression if you do not read the special section that this restaurant is safe - health wise. This could cost lives! Shame on Yelp and I mean precisely that - shame on Yelp!

I have lived in NYS for many years but sure had overseas assignments too and almost died from food poison decades ago in an upscale NYS restaurant. Several of us ended up in the hospital. The owner thanked us for complaining and the health hazard was removed. Many others became ill and we all ended up in hospital. In my review of P.J. Harbour Club for Yelp, I reported unsafe practices and Yelp did not even publish the review in its suppressed from the main section Sub Section! Yelp cited violation of terms of service. This certainly smacks of favoritism to the restaurant owner. However if you think about it I am doing him a favor by demanding Board of Health Inspection which could possibly save many lives.

Yelp needs to change its policy about Suppressing complaints about a restaurant that contain the phase that "I am requesting the Board of Health to inspect." This could cost lives!

P.S. I have never posted a BAD review on a restaurant reviewer like Yelp before ever!

PPS I will also be reporting Yelp suppression attempts on dangerous health hazards to NYS. Shame! All we did was report we will be asking Health to check out safety standards this restaurant.

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