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Sales rep call to say "your small business is not being seen by all people looking for services on Yelp" - then proceed to sell an Upgraded Advertising program which will put the company higher on searches within the business category and will allow for it to be listed even on competitors company pages (at bottom) IT is supposedly pay-per-click, with a monthly maximum price which they asked us to agree to.

Soon the first bill arrived for a partial month, at which time one phone call had come to us for a service not connected to what we do.

Then a full month's bill arrived at 20% over the maximum agreed upon price. When calling, we were told this was due to "extras you agreed to" - but there is no way to verify the number of clicks or views by potential customers. There is no follow-through with intelligence upon Where, Why and how the supposed clicks reached our page.

We don't believe any of the Clicks data, No one at Yelp will discuss this with us, so we therefore believe this program to be a hoax.

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Jul 27, 2020 1:52 pm EDT

Thanks for confirming this very crooked way that Yelp siphons money out of small businesses. For one, I won't use their products in any way now, and certainly won't buy advertising from them ever again.

Jul 24, 2020 4:55 pm EDT
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Same thing happened to us. Yelp reached out to our office and bamboozled me into signing up for Yelp Ads. The rep walked me through adding in extra upgrades, which I was not aware was an over and above the daily pay- per-click cost. I was given the distinct impression that we only pay if people click on our Yelp page. Strangely, enough people clicked on our add to max out our per click budget. Yelp claims we got calls through Yelp. That is simply not true.


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