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Hello. Your website can be paid off by a business to protect the guilty. Why it that? I have witnessed this several times. My report did not violate any of your rules what's so ever, but you still managed to sensor the review to protect the paying client. Why is that? My name is mandy, and I reviewed my crappy lawyer on your site, and you removed me. Why? I further looked into your site, and you have managed to remove all if the reviews on spraggs law. Why? Why do you hide this firm? How much did you get paid? I will also repost this report when needed. I did not violate any of you ruled, I see the other have not as well. I see all the other reviews have also been removed. Why? How much is mr. Thomas spraggs paying your company? We will begin to investigate yelp and the people being paid off, this is recorded, and will go public. Why do you protect [censored]ty lawyers? You can reach out to me at [protected] Rest assured, I will not allow you to put this to rest until I have uncovered all the truth on exactly why you are covering up for mr. Spraggs. Much love, mandy.

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