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On 11/9/23 I opened a YELP business account. I was contacted by Account Executive Chase W. several times by email and phone. We spoke on 11/17/23 at great length (2 hours) about my business. He helped with organizing my page and providing pictures. I was very impressed at the level of care and service I was being provided with. He told me about the advertising "special" they were running to receive an additional $900 of advertising over 3 months. I informed him that I was not interested in any paid advertising at this time as my financial situation was unstable (I shared with him that I had lost both my mom and my job in 12/2022, and then my dad in 5/23) and was just now focusing on and seeking ways to grow my business. He provided statistical information for the number of people who were searching for the type of services I provide over the last 30 days in my area and said he believed advertising would be profitable for me. I told him, again, that I was not in the financial position to pay for any advertising at this time but would like to consider this in the future. He told me we could put the ad together and "run it for a week to see how it does". He told me if after that time I felt it was not a benefit or if I felt "he wasn't doing his job" I could cancel it. I told him I'd be willing to do this only if there would be no cost to me. He said there wouldn't be any charges until 12/1/23. I can't even recall the number of times I mentioned that I could not financially commit to anything. He made it seem as though this little trial time was something to do to test the waters. Unfortunately I decided to put full faith in the fact that he cared about my business and its success and give it a trial run. On 11/21/23 I sent Chase W. an email stating that "my bank notified me that there is an $85 charge from Yelp pending". I told him I wanted to cancel my advertising campaign immediately to which he responded "that is actually not a charge. That was a hold and will be back into your account in 2-3 business days", further stating "I am, personally, not allowed to go into your billing and cancel. If it's me you don't want to speak with I can guide you to the right place. In the previous email I sent you, there was a customer success number at the bottom. That number to "Customer Success" is [protected]". I had never been informed that any type of "hold" would be placed on my account. I felt deceived and misled. He was able to help me set this scheme up but unable to help me shut it down. I went on line and did it myself, manually on 11/24/23. On 12/1/23 I received an email stating I had a balance due of $104.44 and that my automatic payment was declined. I forwarded that email to Chase W. and asked if he could help me given our earlier discussion. He never responded, at phone call, no email. On 12/5/23 I sent him another email and again, no response. On 12/7/23 I was sent an email from Yelp Finance again saying I still had a balance owed of $104.44. I responded to them restating my discussion with Chase and requesting they zero out my balance as I did not believe I owed this based on my conversation with Chase W. On 12/11/23 I received Finance's response which said "To clarify, the current balance on your account is $104.44, which is for services rendered from 11/17/2023 to 11/21/2023. The program you previously selected had a maximum monthly spend of $450.00. After reviewing your account, we have determined these charges to be valid". On 12/15/23 I received another email informing me that I still owed the amount. I responded on 12/16/23 with the following: "I am disputing this charge and will not be paying it. My bank has been notified that this is NOT an authorized charge. When I spoke with Chase W I indicated to him that I did not have any money for advertising. He told me we could run it for a week, see how it does then cancel or proceed with a monthly budgeted amount. I cancelled after 4 days. I feel as though this is very deceptive and took advantage of me at a time I very clearly indicated is financially difficult. I am certain you are capable of helping me and are able to clear this balance." I received no response to this last email. However, today I was informed that Yelp successfully withdrew the amount of $104.44 from my bank account. I

Claimed loss: $104.44

Desired outcome: I would like the amount of $104.44 refunded to me.

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