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I was put into a situation today where I had to take a cab home and my only method of paying was with my debit card. All the cabs here are set up very nice and have a card machine, so I wasn't worried about it at all. When my ride was over and it was time to pay, I took out my card and the driver immediately had an attitude and started fussing at me raising his voice about how he doesn't understand why ladies don't carry cash. I chose to ignore him and decided right then he was getting a tip. When the receipt printed and he saw that I didn't give him a tip, he literally goes off on me about how its the law to give a 30 percent tip. I was so pissed that I went back off on him and I told him that the cabs have the card machines so people can pay with a card if they so chose, and that he's acting like I'm deliberately paying with my card to piss him off and why would I even think of giving him a tip if he's treating me with such disrespect. I told him no law can make me tip someone if I'm not happy with the service. At this point he is yelling at me saying how it is the law and I cant tell him other wise and to get out his cab and that when I pay with a card, he doesn't get the money, it goes right to the cab company...His whole tone and body language was just so threatening to me.

I took my receipt and i slammed his door and went into my house and cried about it. I felt so hurt and disrespected. No matter what my payment method is, I am a paying customer and deserve to be treated with respect. I just wanted to go home and this man verbally attacked me just because I paid with a debit card. He doesn't know my situation or anything as to why I didn't have cash on hand, he was just outright rude about it. Its not my fault the money doesn't go directly to him.

I called to complain and no one returned my phone call. I got through to one person who told me he would find out who the driver was and to call him back in 10 minutes. I called him back and he was no where to be found. This was the last of many bad experiences with the yellow cab company and I will never use them again.


  • Brenda* Jun 15, 2012

    I was arrested over an incident with a Yellow Cab driver once. Still steaming over that one.

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  • Si
    Sid123456 Sep 08, 2013

    I just had similar experience. Before I got into the cab I told him, I live close by and that I don't have any cash. He asked me to get in. When he dropped off, he asked me to enter the amount in the card reader and I did. But it wasn't working. I told him nothing is happening on the machine. He sounded so pissed off as if he picked me up unnecessarily. He kept saying and yelling "enter the amount". Finally I told him why don't he come out and show me. He got out frantically and said "Oh! the card reader isn't working" and he didn't even apologize. I then told him, that I will go in and get the cash and pay him extra as tip. When I came back with the money, I told him that this is not how he should be talking to a passenger. He said something in patwa (Yeah, he is Jamaican) and he kind of threatened "now I want you to end this". I just didn't want to get into any kind of unnecessary trouble and be punched, so I walked off silently. I want to know how these guys even get work permits to work in the US.

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