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R Nov 30, 2018

I was taking my dog for a walk and almost home when driver J602 came driving down my street at nearly 50 mph in a posted 30 residential. I shined my flashlight on my dog so that he would see us since we were on the same side of the street. This guy turns on his bright lights and slammed his brakes on as he passed us with me yelling at him to slow down, he drives down and turned around to come back and yell at me. He pulled up next to us asking what my problem was and I told him he needed to slow the hell down, he then started telling me to [censored] off. I approached his cab and told him to get out and do something about it, he picked up a maglight flashlight from next to his seat and started waving it at me, as if to hit me with it. He continued to cuss me so I picked up my shirt to display my 45 since he had just threatened me with his flashlight. After I showed my gun he called 911 and told them I was waving my gun around. I then grabbed the cab sign off the side of his car and told him I was calling his employer, he got even more irate. I took his magnetic sign and placed it on my truck, walked into my house, took the gun out of my belt, went into the kitchen and took 2 shots to calm down and went back up to the street where the cops were waiting in force (5 uniformed officers with assault weapons) I didn't even say anything to them, I just handed 1 my drivers license and concealed weapons license and waited for them.

So I told my side of the story and right in the middle of it a lady who lives down the street came up and said " I saw the entire thing and got it on video " I don't know her, the cops even asked if we knew each other.

In the end, this guy has no business driving people around with that kind of mental problems. The police told me to have a good night and handed my licenses back, I pointed at the cabbie and told him I didn't need to see him around ever again and he told me I wouldn't.

I am happy to go visit my neighbor for a copy of the video if anyone wants to see it.

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