Yanwenyanwen shipping

L Jul 26, 2019

I never received the item and was to late to ask for a dispute.
No updates on parcel LP00125268046989 since 13-2-2019
I found Yanwen a very bad shipping company. Im not sure if its the fault of the seller that the product didnt arrive. It might be Yanwen's fault, its very slowly
I also havent received LP00121670571515 from a different seller i was in time with sending them a dispute and received the money back.
With LP00124832440925 i didnt receive the product as well this is a different seller, also send by Yanwen and i was to late with the dispute there too.

I have two more by Yanwen on the way. because i figured out the fact that the 3 things that i didnt came where all send by Yanwen tolate. After i receive or do not receive the two other items i will never choose Yanwen again

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