Yankee Candlecustomer service

A Nov 25, 2017

Today I was shopping at the Yankee Candle store at the Holyoke Mall location. While shopping, I noticed a sign that read "Buy 3, get 3 free EVERYTHING in the store (picture below). After reading this, I proceeded to ask an employee on the floor if the small tumbler candles were included in this offer seeing as they were on sale at $5 a candle. After asking this, the employee assured me that these were part of the deal and that the only items excluded on the deal were the Woodwick and Personalized Photo Candles as displayed on the signs that were all over the store. As I got to the checkout, the cashier informed me that the six candles that I had were in fact not included in the "Buy 3, Get 3" deal. She then refused to give me the deal even though I was quoted by another employee. I found this to be very misleading, as I told her that one of the employees in the store had told me that these were indeed part of the sale after showing her the exact candles that I brought to the register with me. I'm very disappointed in the service I received today at this location.

Yankee Candle

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