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R Aug 04, 2018

I bought a yamaha GP 1800 brand new last year from Cycles 128 of Beverly Ma. I also bought an extended 5 year warranty. I bought yamaha over sea doo because I have read some good reviews and low maintenance. I had an older 2003 xlt 1200 which needed a few motor every season. I said enough of that, I will buy a new machine and be maintenance free for years. 2 mnths ago I scheduled a checkup with cycles 128 becuse my ski was taking on water. Waited a month for a day and they have now had it for a month. 2 months later now I am told that my hull is cracked. There is jo damage and no abuse, this sk has been meticulously maintained. They informed me that his may have hapened from factory that these new nanoxcel hulls are weaker than the older ones. I read up on this and found out that this is true. These hulls are built cheaper and lacks stability where it needs it. I am now suck with a $20, 000 purchase making payments on a junk ski. It's not just about the wait or that I should be happy it's under warrenty, I am absolutely not okay with having a ski with a cracked hull. I dont want it fixed and brought back after it's been torn down and patched just to maybe break again. Taking nuts and bolts apart that dont need to be is just going ro open up a can of worms. This ski is a lemon and I want it replaced. I'm not trying to point fingers whether it's the dealership or if its yamaha corporation, but as the buyer I dont need to be the middle man. Online there are so many cases of broken and cracked hulls. I am quite honestly nt even interested in another yamaha if this is the case. This problem needs to be rectified. I should not be stuck with a ski with a catcher broken / cracked hull. That's not what I spent 20k on. If you or your family bought a ski a bike or a car with a cracked frame I could guarantee that you guys would want it replaced. N one wants to be stuck with a cracked frame or cracked hull. Put yourself in my shoes. Please as a long time yamaha customer, I hope this problem can get fixed. I have pictures of the hull. It's not good. ..

Thank you

Craig Marc-Aurele

Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd.
Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd.
Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd.
Yamaha Motor Pvt. Ltd.

  • Updated by RCraigM · Aug 04, 2018

    Not to mention when I called yamaha Corporation the so called "service manager" was absolutely no help. She said theres nothing they can do and kept putting blame on the vendor. It's no way at all the fault this ski came damaged from the factory. And even if thts not 100% they are the ones who manufactured a ski with a weak hull and should stand by their product as I do as a business owner. Theres no true way to contact yamaha or to write reviews or to write a formal complaint. I am beyond aggravated and pissed off!

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