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When I signed up to this fitness club they stated it was a NO CONTRACT MEMBERSHIP! Yet when wanting to cancel, it must be done in writing. Also Paid my membership fee on due date, yet they are continually racking up fee's claiming the payment was late. Mailed in Cancelation Form, but they have not acknowledged it, and continue to try to extract money from a prepay credit card. They now claim I owe them $77.99. This is ridiculous! And I have NO INTENTION ON PAYING ANOTHER CENT! My payment was due on the 15th of the month, and it was paid on the 15th. I feel that I should contact a lawyer and start a class action suit, as I think this company does this to many of people and it needs to stop! ABC Financial is also involved in this as they are the people or rather the company trying to hit the prepaid credit card twice a day.


  • Doing the same to me, bank re-issued a card due to security reasons and they could no longer get their monthly fee by auto billing. I was subsequently harassed al day by ABC financial for payments for fees associated with the invalid card. This place is a scam. They wanted certified letter with 30 day lead in for cancellation! Screw you xperience fitness! Buy BEWARE!!! They will mess with your credit!!! I haven;t stepped foot in their gym in the last 6 months.

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  • El
    ElijahCraig Jan 07, 2017

    @STAYawayfromXperienceFitness I just realized I hadn't gotten a charge from them since October, when an ATM ate my card. Had to get issued another card from the bank. Was just about to cancel due to not using the place for years, realized it was getting charged to my old card. Now I'm worried that collections will come after me, what ended up happening in your situation?

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  • If anyone is having issues with Xperience Fitness not canceling memberships and still charging or attempting to charge monthly fees please respond back to this post. I am currently in this type of situation and would like to gather more supporting information on this. We can then exchange information. Possible legal actions in the future.

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  • Attorney General was made aware of wrongful business practices and instead of owning up to their wrong-doing the owner, Tom Davidson, decided he would terminate my membership in retaliation for contacting the Attorney General.



    I attempted, over a 4 months period and a minimum of 20 conversations with managers, general manager, Director of Client Relations (Paul DeLange) and Tom Davidson, to stop harassing phone calls and letters on my 13 yr old daughter's membership that had already been cancelled. Not until I contacted the Attorney General's office and Tom Davidson became aware I did so did something get done. Absolutely no one would take responsibility and fix the issue, not even members of the "executive board", as he often referred to himself as.

    Additionally, for months Xperience Fitness posted retail prices yet charged members higher prices on their credit cards or membership charges. Again this was brought to several managers within the facility and their only response was "well that is what corporate told us to do". This "practice" was known by an "executive board" member for months before it was changed...only because I informed them I was going to report it. He acknowledged this was happening in other clubs of theirs. I never received reimbursement for the extra charges and I doubt anyone else did.

    Also, there were multiple promotional offerings that stated "FOR FREE" and "AT ABSOLUTELY NO COST TO YOU" that they refused to honor. Again the general manager's response was "that is what corporate tells us to do". Even when they are informed they are doing something wrong they won't take the proper corrective steps.

    Tom Davidson thought it would be better to just get rid of someone who stood up for what is right rather than admitting their faults, taking full responsibility and correcting the issue. Well Tom Davidson, you did that to the wrong person.

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  • Gr
    Greg1971 Apr 03, 2015

    I just got a call from ABC financial claiming I owe them money after I canceled months ago. Sent them a letter. Now I was told that I have to send ABC financial a letter to cancel but I have to have the account in good standings and send a 30 day letter.

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  • Bu
    Bust-this Sep 14, 2015

    They also have been bugging me for sometime. Canceled my membership and the same story of never receiving it. ABC Financial with letters and phone calls and now a letter from Xperience themselves from Appleton Wi. My membership was at the Waukesha branch. Lucky i gave them a different social security number. By the way it is illegal to even as for it! I moved out of the area and bought my own equipment.

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  • An
    ange2334 Dec 21, 2015

    I have had the same issue with cancelling my membership. I ended up cancelling the card I had it on and the harassing calls need to stop. I sent letters and talked to people but no luck. Now my 17 year old daughter needs to cancel due to a college oppotunity and I don't want her credit messed up. My experience was with the Waukesha gym.

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  • Me
    Meeche 80 Dec 30, 2015

    I cancelled a membership at the Brookfield location. They told me that I needed to send it to the Neenah location in WI. I faxed it to the person that handles the membership cancelation. I looked at my account on the 30th of December and Xperience had still taken out my membership fee. I called the Brookfield location and the girl who answered the phone stated that my membership was cancelled. I asked her why did someone take $20 from my account for a membership fee and she placed me on hold for 20 minutes. I hung up and called back and a guy answered the phone after I told him my name and asked had my membership been cancelled he placed me on hold without saying a word. When he came back on the line he told me he cold not tell me if the membership was cancelled and told me to contact someone named Brad at the corporate office in Neenah, WI. I still haven't received a call back.

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  • Ca
    Carleen van den Elzen Mar 02, 2016

    I am in agreement with all the posts I have read on cancelling mine/ and my daughter's membership a xperience fitness.. We had been members at the APPLETON/MENASHA, WISCONSIN XPERIENCE FITNESS. They had falsly stated "For free and At No cost to you." I was originally a member at "Golds Gym" paying $34.99 a month for quite some time until they sold their business to "Xperience Fitness" in Appleton and Menasha, Wis. who in turn (instead of taking the advertised amount of $9.99 a month) kept pulling $34.99 a month from my account for quite some time. When I had caught this, I contacted the number I had been given (ABC Financial), and demanded credit. I received only a month of credit. I had been in touch with Xperience Fitness to cancel mine/my daughter's membership and was told to write a letter stating that I'd like to discontinue our memberships, include the monthly fee amounts for the month I was cancelling for (which I sent in check from which they cashed), and I had to send this "Certified" which also costed money to do for both individual letters. One week later, I and my daughter received a statement from ABC Financial (representing Xperience Fitness stating that we each owe for a "Contract Payment" of $43.99, and also we owed each for "Late/Service" fees in the amount of $38.50 or and that our cancellation requests were pending and would remain active until these extra balances were paid in full or the account would not be terminated. I have NO INTENTION of giving these scam operators anymore money! I am hoping that someone somewhere can help us to stop this bad operation of a gym. If there is ever a class action suit brought in the picture, I'd be completely honored to join in that suit. This is wrong, wrong, and wrong! People need to know how this business operates!... I'd be in for anything that would need to be done to put a stop to this!

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  • Ly
    Lynne Martin Erickson Jun 06, 2016

    Add us to the list. Our VISA number had to be changed and so the 24.99 was past due. The late charge was 9.50 and the service fee 19.50. They won't stop this until they are run out of business and we'd love to help.

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  • Me
    [email protected] Jun 21, 2016

    We regret to hear your recent experience with ABC Financial Services was not a satisfactory one. We would like the opportunity to review your account and see that proper action has been taken. We strive to address all consumer feedback, positive or negative, and want to make sure your situation was handled properly.

    Unfortunately, we were not able to locate your membership with the information provided in this post. Please email our member support team at [email protected] with either your 9 digit agreement number or the home phone number that is listed on your account so that we may look into this for you.

    Customer Relationship Specialist
    ABC Financial Services

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  • Fo
    Focus Focus Focus Jan 07, 2017

    @[email protected] I need you or someone to contact me ASAP [email protected]

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  • La
    lashadrian Jul 20, 2016

    Xperience fitness has been ripping me off from the day I became a member! I cancelled my husband membership and they are still billing me and takes money out of my account whenever the hell they feel like it. I emailed the manager at the Waukesha location, and he told me that if I wanted to cancel, I would have to do it in person.Well, when I got there, I was told that I had to call someone over the phone. I DON'T WANT THE MEMBERSHIP, AND PLEASE STOP TAKING MY DAMN MONEY OUT OF MY ACCOUNT! THIS GOES FOR ABC FINANCIAL AS WELL!!! My name is LaShadrian Brooks and you can reach me at (414) 522-3320.

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  • To
    Tosha H. Aug 10, 2016

    I am constantly being harrassed from Xperience Fitness everyday. Even though I cancelled my membership several months ago and I was having my payments directly taking from my account automatically. I didn't like the service I received at the Brooklyn Park location thats why after a couple visits I cancelled my membership. All of a sudden I get calls and emails daily saying I owe over $180 or they will except a settlement. Are you kidding me?? They will not get another dime from me. Oh did I forget to mention that I was still paying money to them even after I stopped going there. This place is a rip off.

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  • Ri
    Rivenb21 Sep 27, 2016

    I am currently experiencing the same scenario. When I spoke with a representative at ABC financial they stated that I could cancel via email. When I did that they tacked on more charges and stated that they would not cancel until I paid . I submitted a screenshot of the payment they deducted, yet they insist that they did not receive it on their end and continue to add late fees onto my account. I am outraged!!!

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  • Cy
    Cypher86 Oct 18, 2016

    I wanted to cancel and was given a form to send them. A month later they billed me again anyway. I went to the gym (Green Bay) and was given their phone number. ABC told me it wasn't 30 day notice and wouldn't stop billing me unless I paid them. I told them I'd sent it before my last billing and that it doesn't take weeks for it to arrive. Finally I was told the account would be closed and termed. A few months later I got a non sufficient funds fee/notice from my bank. ABC had been billing me all along. I filed with the bank to stop them and to get my money back. I only got 2 months worth from the bank for thief policy. That was 3 years ago. Now I find out they never stopped adding to my bill and have sent a 407$ bill to collections! Any recommendations on a lawyer?

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  • Ma
    Max Books Dec 05, 2016

    I was looking for a place to exercise in the Winter. Thought about Experience as it is close to where I eat Breakfast each day. Thank you all as I have read the stories here and online and the Better Business information about this company. I ordered a free five day. Went to the club and was told if I join the $ 9.00+ fee was not good a Woodbury, MN and it would be $14.00 + because the had so much more, even thought the lower fee was based on use of specific services. Then I ask about the $35.00 fee charged in March and was told it is standard to all members. They told me about a $ 1.00 sign up fee but then said it did not apply to the Basic Membership and I would have to pay $95.00 and not the $1.00. The manager said we could get around this if I signed up for the $20.00 + membership and then downgraded my membership after I joined. After reading all the problems with billing I knew that would be a disaster. I ordered a Treadmill from Walmart and think I will be much happier.

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  • Co
    Coby Xiong Jan 19, 2017

    I had the worse customer service. They continue to take money out from my credit card after I sent in notice of cancellation. During the initial sign up, there was no indication of having to cancel in writing to corporate. This is a rip off. STAY away from ABCXperience.

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  • Be
    BettyCrocker Feb 08, 2017

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with corporate? I've been waiting for a refund from personal training for over 7 weeks. First I was supposed to see it by the end of January, now I'm told by Xperience in Woodbury that I should see it this week (not holding my breath). I need to light a fire under someone's butt and not sure the best approach. If anyone has any ideas - I'm open for suggestions. I dread the day I go to cancel my membership based on all of the comments and complaints.

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  • At
    Athena Alvarado Feb 13, 2017

    I recently cancelled my membership last month and was told that everyone on my member ship would be cancelled as well. then I was billed this month and was told that the other two members on my account were not cancelled. I am totally confused as to why they were kept on. when I was there they said nothing of having to fill out separate forms only that everyone would be cancelled. now I'm told that they had to be done separately. this is total bull ### and I will be contacting FTC on this matter as this is bad business practice.

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  • Ch
    Chialude Apr 17, 2017

    Same problem her here at least credit card is backing me up .I cant afford this

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  • Ja
    jashwa Jul 15, 2017

    They have been threatening to send my account too collections for months now but I feel like it's a bluff has anyone had there account actually go into collections? Or hurt there credit score?

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  • Mr
    Mr Lolly Feb 09, 2018

    The best way out of a membership is to tell your bank you lost the card that was used to pay them. They might come back for one month. of dues because that Is all they can legally charge you for.
    They are finally coming back for that $10 now, 1.5 years after the fact. I might jack them around. Tell them they need to submit an invoice to me by mail, ect... This might be fun.

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  • Ti
    Tickedandfightingback May 16, 2018

    I am seeking legal representation to submit a Class Action Lawsuit naming Xperience Fitness / Unfair Billing Practices and harassment after we told them to stop contacting us, even after we submitted a cancellation within the timeline.

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  • No
    Not a member1 Sep 19, 2018

    I don't see how you can still be taking money out of my account when I haven't been to any of your gyms in over 5 years. It's not right for your company to still be taking money out if I don't even go or utilize anything your offering me. In a way I see this as fraud.

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