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Communication is one-sided only - you can't even try to include your phone number in any application where the person has no payment information already given which is basicly 99% of postings I've ever seen. I have been a 'tutor' over a year with 2+ pages of applications and not one job. Apparantly only phantom students and not real people serious about getting help in a subject lurk and post here. There should be a term like catfish for these supposed students who NEVER answer. If your serious about getting help then at least WRITE BACK to the person offering their help who really knows what they're doing in the subject with a degree & REAL certification from college to back it up with.

Most not all of my emails have been answered but the replies are basicly useless.

To get "certification" in the subjects they have you take tests that you can just google the answers to pass and tutor a subject you have no clue about. They don't let you repeat a test that you can fail the "required passing %" even if you miss just 2 questions which is ridiculous.

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Oct 30, 2014 3:49 pm

I have only today been referred to Wyzant as a potential source of income, so I am attempting to do my research. Every bit of info, good or bad, will be useful and taken into consideration. That said, I have to "grain of salt" the opinion of any so-called tutor who cannot spell "apparently" or differentiate between your and you're. I can ignore the tendency toward run-on sentences; I just hope this is not an English tutor.

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