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DO NOT fall for the "go to a 90 minute timeshare presentation and get a discounted vacation". My daughters and I were at a home and garden show where the Wyndam Vacation Resorts (WVR) had a booth . The lady promised a 2night hotel stay and sea world tickets, plus throw in 2 dinner tickets for $150 and all I have to do is attend a 90 minute presentation. I told her ok, were weren't interested in a timeshare but would go for the deal (ha). We had nothing but hassles in booking a room, would call for dates and call back 2 days later and dates were gone or the could not view that time block anymore. Finally getting a day by the corporate office requesting one due to my frustration. Before leaving for trip and to verify only "90 minutes right" and they were "flexible" with times (joke). Get to the check in point and to and oh they only timea available were when we were departing for our trip. The rude girl at the counter assured me this was flexible, I could attend or be charged $153 ( I already paid $150) so I didnt want to lose $300, so we took the time. Picked up tickets to Sea World SanAntonio and confirmed 90min presention. The next day get there and get a JERK salesperson (that I think had just smoke crack, he could stay awake- this was 10am) We were up front said we just came for vacation deal (ha) and were not intrested and told him the hassles we had. He told us he would give us the "short" version(ha) it took 30minutes to fill out form with him repeating questions over and over. He didnt like my response & would re-ask. (confirming by suspion he smoked crack he didnt seem to remember that I answered him) I getting frusted asked him to go to next question as he promised short version. He continued to stall by repeating stuff. Now I am raising my voice and pointing my finger in his face. Finally to a 10 min video and supposedly to a 10 min tour and then out of there(ha). The saleman almonst tells you this is free resport offer, oh yea you still have to pay airfare/gas by vehicle and food, etc. They make is seem like the money you pay for timeshare pays for everything. After video he continue to tourcher us by more questions. By this time smoke is coming out of my ears. I asked him about the tour he promised so we could go as my child was not feeling good. Again stalling by arguing back at me and playing dumb. I asked for Manager and didnt get one. one hour later, I told him he had 30 more minutes then our duty of the 90min was filled. Well if I didnt cooperate then it would take 120min. At this time I stood up and and told him he was a liar and was leaving and didn't care if I had to pay the whole thing out of pocket. The manger finally comes over after me making a scene for about 30mins. ask about problem told him details. the guy was not moving forward thru presentation, keeps stalling on questions, making me frustrated. He agress to let us go and give voucher to hotel. This could have been more pleseant if the salesman would have just moved on. Moral of story. Pay for trip yourself. The hassel and pressure sales are not worth the stress or few dollar savings and being tied down to the commitment of the presentation.


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      Sep 06, 2009

    Same experience but the salesperson was actually sober and pleasant, however many lies were slipped in, the voucher is not worth the paper it's printed on.

    Get this, they were trying to sell us a $33, 000 plus package with $1000 yearly maintenance fees plus other exchange RCI fees of $27-75 a night depending what size unit you want.

    Its all a scam, do not fall for it, I could have purchased a year of timeshare time and I tell you, it is not a good value. They tried to tell me that over 15 years I would spend 20, 000 but the fact is that their maintenance fees over 15 years would be at least $15, 000, this does not account for the many hidden fees.

    The selection of Windham locations is not very good, if you don't stay at one of their resorts there are many other hidden fees to pay.

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