www.wish.comwhite & red womens casual shoes

Z Nov 25, 2017

Is not my 1st time I shop with a and everything I bought it was horrible quality.Not too long I go I ordered a pair of white & Red shine casual shoes, I did not get them because they were cheap but because I felled in love with them when I saw in the picture. Shoes it self-was $29.99 plus $9 shipping. Didn't mind I waited one month for them to arrive, when they arrived, I got completely different quality from what they show in the picture. The shoes they send me up can see the yellow glue all around pf the bottom of the shoes, I try to clean them and they won't come out. All I can say I waste my money, even if they would give it to me for free I won't wear them, and I did not wear them. Basickly I wasted my money on them. If you ask me I would say I www. is a rip off the online store. Their quality is very bad, I bought blue lace dress and it was with white stitches, is no way I would it, I end up donated to the Good Will, I won't recommend this store to anyone, the items you see in the picture is not what you would get. plus they charge so much for shipping, you can find same items on eBay with low prices & free shipping.
WWW.WISH.COM IS CHINA MADE VERY LOW QUALITY and the price of shipping is almost the same of the price of the item you buy.

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