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Bingo bash stole 900 credits from me about a week ago. I wrote to customer servivce and complained they responded with they reviewed my game and they seen no discrepency and pretty much called me a liar. But for sure I seen it with my own eyes. I was excited to be getting the credits because I had been working hard and spending a lot of money in rockets and chips to get that far. I had purchased about $40 in chios that day and another 9$ in rockets for bingos in the game merry go round on bingobash. I had 964 bells. To get the 900 credits I needed 1010 bells. When I won 10 dice spins from 3 premium bingos and the puzzle pieces gave me the extra dice roll. I used my dice rolls and collected 31 bells. But when I hit the last dice roll for the credits the screen flashed and it reset me all the way back to where I had originally started that day. I didnt take a screen shot because I didnt know it was going to do that. I spend $100s a month playing bingo bash and I dont think its right for them to just steal my money and credits like that. I dont know what they reviewed but I am absolutely positive they erased my progress to avoid giving me the credits and get me to spend even more money

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