Worldmark By Wyndham / timeshare ownership problems

This company is rotten to the core.
Red light bulb: When the salesmen tell you not to pay other bills and only pay them! That is outrageous.
This was sold as an affordable way to vacation when and where we want to. The truth of the matter is that you can not get into where you want to when you need it. So the money we waste on supposed priority booking over other guests is so far from the truth. We have spoken to people on vacation that we're able to book something that took us years to get into, a week prior. This happened on more than 1 occasion. But yet, we can rarely get into anything even 9 months before our trip. Something is not right there. When we pay all this money to have ownership and Joe Shmoe has ease of access over us. They already got their money form us so who cares about us.
We could take way better vacations with the money we pay Worldmark by Wyndham without the hassles.
Another issue for us was the maintenance fee increases. At first, they are not so bad but over time you realize how they do not ever stop going up and They sold us on our children and Grandchildren vacationing for free once it was paid off. THEY TOTALLY LEFT OUT THAT THEY WILL PROBABLY BE PAYING MORE FOR THE MAINTENANCE FEES THEN WE PAY FOR BOTH THE MORTGAGE AND MAINTENANCE FEES BY THE TIME MY
YOUNGER GRANDKIDS WILL BE USING IT. That is far from Free. That was some fervent slight of the hand for us that only after time, we recognizing the details that were maliciously left out in our decisions climbing up the timeshare status ladder.
The excuse this company says as to why their resorts are always full "Because investors are buying up chunks of points for little or nothing to rent out blocks at a time to make money" Now with hindsight, I can not believe we fell for that. No investor would squander money away for maintenance fees when you can not even use it have the time. We have had this long enough to know the reality of their lies and it's disgusting the continual rate in which the lies go on, from the sale to the customer service.
They also leave out other fees, Like to clean!!! And they will charge you if you do not go to an owners information meeting.

This company should be held liable for all of its misdealing and some type of protection should be made into a law for consumers from their special brand of bold trickery.

Aug 13, 2019

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