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This company showed up at my husbands work because we were behind on our loan payment. They not only showed up to his work but started displaying our personal information infront of co-workers and bosses. This is horrible and we are in the process of sueing this company for this. I had never heard of a loan company showing up to ask for money at your place of employment.


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    benny daniel Oct 14, 2008

    i have a loan with them and courtesy finance every 3 months they insist that the loan be redone for example i would have a 600 dollar loan then i would pay it down to like 350 dollars i would get maybe 24 dollars back and the loan would jump right back up to 600 after adding more collateral of course not to mention thier very competitive 75% interest i notice since georgia booted payday lenders out of the state these have moved in

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    ItsMe Feb 26, 2009

    Maybe if you paid your bill on time they wouldn't have to resort to coming to your husbands job. Seems to me that if you didn't want to have that happen you would have made an effort to pay or make arrangements with them. And as for the comment from Benny: I am sure they seem like they are insisting but you don't have to take that money. Stop complaining, it was your choice!

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    patricia ferranti Aug 12, 2010

    well i have complaint for the world finance in clarksville tn on riverside they told me my loan was approved since all the "so called red tape" is out of way, it will take only a couple of minutes for you to sign the papers and pick up the cash please call me at the number above or come by today that what the letter told me so i want than i was told i need to come with information which i already did when we did the process. so told myself that i would never go back to this company if they going tell me in letter i was always approve

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    desilu883 Aug 16, 2010

    it says at the bottom of all the solictations that all loans are subject to credit approval.

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    marpiosa Feb 25, 2011

    My husband have a loan with this company, they came to my home day one next day dropped a letter at the door, came back later that day, dropped another later at the door, after i picked up the first letter, they came back the next day, beating and ringing my door bell, same think the next day beating and ringing the door bell.Icalled the atty general to file a complaint.Its ok to come but do it with dignity.

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    basd Dec 30, 2011

    thier 500 dollar tax advance loan is a scam to get a payment out of you for example your loan paymen is 130 and you get a loan on the first of the month for 500 your 130 payment is due the 3rd so heres what happens the payback on 500 is 597 dollars and they want to hold 130 out of the 500 your out the door with 370 at payback time your out 597 plus the 130 total 727 dollars to world finance and all you got personally was 370 and if you wont do this they will threaten wage garnishment and court over a loan thats 2 days late call ms farmer at world finance in trenton ga at 1706657276 and ask about thier 78% interest rates and dont forget every customer you send you get 20 bucks

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    amwalker03 Aug 26, 2012

    I agree horrible horrible company!!! I have had a loan with them also and after my husband's job closed down we fell behind. I was in communication with them making arrangements and didn't intend to fall on hard times and it was a huge struggle. They called my place of employment, found out who was my direct supervisor and continued to leave messages on her voicemal as well as come to my home reapeatedly. One visit the man got very rude and threatening with my husband and another time when I wasn't able to answer the door b/c I was in the shower. I got out and came to the door just in time to see them speed off throwing gravel all over the private street. They threatened to come to my work too. I filed BBB complaint, FTC and corporate office complaint. This company is awful!

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    wifey2012 Oct 07, 2012

    I have experience a employee from world finance came to my job dropped off a note and will not leave untill i said i will call office on my break she was discusiing me being late in front of coworker i called district manager to complain she said what do you want me to fire her u should of told her lets go somewhere private really its my fault that female cant shut her mouth.

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    Cake87 Jul 29, 2016

    Horrible company with terrible customer service. Please find another way to get extra money these people are snakes

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    Cake87 Nov 19, 2018

    Avoid this company as they have poor customer service. Complete snakes

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