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Complaints & Reviews

SLScommunication of newly acquired mortgages and their owners

You purchased our mortgage. Loan. From. Wells fargo. We have never received. Any paperwork or any other communications from. You. We owe our monthly payment but we can't. Get anyone to talk to. Us. I don't mind telling. You. That. We. Are not. Happy. With. This. Sale and our first. Impression. Of your company. Is. Not a good. One. You want. A. Payment? Call. Me at [protected] after.5:15cst.

Home loan

This is one of the absolute worst and untrustworthy Mortgage companies out there, they are under constant investigations for fraud if you investigate. I can't count how many...

loan documents and no welcome packet

We have been sold to 2 additional Mortgage Companies after our closing on October 31st of 2019. We made 1 payment to Revolution Mortgage, then sold to Northpointe Morgage, which we never even got to make a payment to them. Then we get a letter 2 days before our New Mortgage Company is supposed to get payment within those 2 days, that we had been sold again!!!
Now, We have CMC Mortgage, but no welcome packet as of 12 days after due date, therefore no account number, which is what is absolutely necessary to make a payment to SLS..., Reading these horror stories from other lendees, we would like to get ahead of this ( what we see as a DISASTER IN THE MAKING), That is why we are ready to join this Class Action Lawsuit before we get foreclosed or have payment issues or any of the above complaints.
WE did do the following
1) Requested copies of all paperwork with signatures from 1st Lender
2) Same for the 2nd Lender
3) Have attempted to pay our mortgage to CMS online on the 1st of January 2020. But No Account Number, Cannot accept payment because Loan # will not suffice. So as you can see, we see trouble ahead and for our own Protection and the protection of our Forever Home WE are ready, able and VERY willing to start this process.
Phone Mark S. [protected] Email [protected]

Thank You and we look forward to hearing something soon !!!
Mark and Leslie S.

home mortgage assistance

I have reached out to SLS for help with my mortgage. I have a sale date set for December 4, 2019. I have submitted several applications per their request and my paperwork or check...


We have HELOC that was sold to specialized last January 2019. We are trying to refi our first mortgage which would save us $1300 a month. Specialized which is in second position will not agree to subordinate into second position again. This will only cause us more financial hardship we have never missed a payment in 14 years that we have had our home.

home equity loan

SLS started billing me about a loan around 2012.
I knew I had not done business with a company by that name and question them about a bill for 30, 000they were claiming.They claim to be representing another company didn't say which one.
After that I was in bankruptcy‎.
It took them until several months ago to send me documentation where they had bought a loan form Bank Of American from 2007 that Bank of America stop billing me for after they sold my loan to another company.
SLS send me a letter 2 weeks ago saying they are going to foreclose on the loan.
There is close to 100, 000 dollars owned on that house by my mortgage company and SLS claims there is equity of 150, 000 going by book value.
They are not likely to get book value on a foreclosure and don't seem willing to work with me on the loan now that I know what the loan is about.
I think that just want me out of my house.
I am elderly with health problems and I hope SLS get pleasure out of being vindictive since that's the most that they will probably get out of this.

unable to make payments

On 9/4/19 I received a letter from BOA that my line of credit was now being handled by specialized loan service. The letter from BOA said they took the loan off of auto pay. The letter also stated that specialized loan would send me contact information on where to send future payments. I did not receive the letter from specialized loan, My loan was never late. I cannot get in touch with specialized except through the automated line where my BOA loan number does not exist in there system. I don't understand the motive of this company unless they are forcing low interest loans into default.


power of attorney

This company will not let me know if they have received my power of attorney documents that I fax to them on my mother's house and will not give me any information. They...

website to pay mortgage

When I go on the website to try to pay my mortgage the [censored] thing has a line and when I click on it and try to start typing in my loan number it will only take one number and nothing else I am trying to do this from the internet on my phone not from a laptop what the [censored] is the problem why is it not letting me input numbers I am having to pay over the phone to have this loan payment done because that [censored] thing doesn't work

disaster help

I live in Panama City Fl. And after hurricaine Micheal came through we were devastated. I later heard on the radio that when a natural disaster hits like Micheal did. That people that were impacted from the storm are given a 3 month grace period. I called SLS and asked whoever it was that answered if that applied to our mortgage pymt. as well. And he curtly replied no it didnt. Now its been almost a year and almost 3 months behind in my bills
And SLS has been less than helpful.

my loan with sls

It seemes like no matter what I pay, my loan doesn't get smaller. Awhile ago I was told part of the loan was forgiven, and I never saw that happen. The amount never shanges. What is going on with you? I have been sending payments regularly now and I have no idea where we are at with it as I get no response when I make a payment and I can't seem to be able to access my account on line as you say I don't have an account on-line, but I do. So are you a legitmate outfit or what? I will stop making paymetns again if I don't get some kind of satisfaction from someone. I see the complaints from other people are many, so I am not the only one unhappy with your outfit. You better be on the lookout for class action suits against you and I will be one of them!!

mortgage modification

I recently applied for a modification of my loan. SLS granted it but now its like I never paid a penny towards the principal since we bought the house in 2003!!! I don't understand how after having paid buchu money for this house for the past 16 years I still owe the same amount or more then when I refinanced it for eight years ago! Am I dumb or is that how this works question

  • Updated by Locanana · Jun 22, 2019

    I am so confused. I just got the new loan modification from SLS. They wiped out ALL of the equity I have been paying down since 2014. I appears I now am going to have to pay 500K for the home worth under 300k... ???? How can they do this legally? Do I have any recourse?

loan modification

At the beginning of last year, I need to have my loan modified because I got for 5 months behind on my payments. I had a little over 20 years left on my mortgage and now, according to SLS customer service, I have 40 years left on my mortgage and my payment is still the same. They're scamming their customers. They told me they deferred $15000 and I was only $4000 or $5000 behind.

escrow land taxes - delinquent

We had our mortgage refinanced and was transfered to this company. Two land parcels, only one parcel is listed twice on their banking site. We received notice for Montcalm Co...

mortgage payment

I have tried so many fail attempts to make an online payment. Originally when I called the automated system entered payment as a savings account but it was a personal checking account. So now my accurate personal checking account number is flagged as :

"Bank Account authorization declined. A previous transaction for this bank account was returned with a return reason code that indicates the bank account is no longer valid. Return code: R03"

This is so frustrating because I have spent a total of 3 hours of trying to get this resolved and received such a hard time about waiving the fee because I could not pay it online and the supervisor was suppose to resolve it in 48 hours which was not resolved.

I very much will like a phone call at [protected] because I am very unsatisfied with the level of service displayed by supervisor refusing to get on a call and having to be on hold just to make a payment with a charge. Also, trying to get pressured into making automatic payments.



mortgage loan company fraud

My exhusband filed bankruptcy, didnt include our mortgage. The company found out he filed bankruptcy & put our mortgage in their bankruptcy dept.They revoked my online access & havent sent any statements since Feb, 3 months now, I call to make a payment I request my statements, I receive nothing . Their handling of my mortgage may be illegal or fraud.

copy of documents for pay off

I have been trying to get a copy of a payment history and a payoff for over three months .. person on the phone always sending in the mail never came say papers been fax and email never arrived the one copy the loan person did get was able to read it should not take this long to get a copy of anything.

This the wrost company ever check in into to see how many time i have called this company.. everyone keep telling the same lie


I had a whole page written but it was gone when I submitted it. That figures — that goes with sls. Sls is a bunch of crooks out to only make profits for themselves. Very unprofessional. Could care less about the person and helping the u.S. Economy. They took over my mortgage in jan 2019 and sls says I am behind more payments than I actually am. I am behind but not as many as they say. I send a payment every month certified - return - receipt so I have proof I mailed the payment. I was in the hospital 7 weeks in 12 months, lucky to be alive, medical bills over $300, 000.00. I built my home new in 1995 and plan to stay in it till I die. Sls is a very cold-hearted company. That's why the economy is in the shape it is because of company's like this and the president of the united states must know about companies like this. I pay almost $7.00 to mail my monthly payment to sls just so they can not say they didn't get my payment. Sls says they can not help. It's the lender's fault but says "they can't tell you who the lender is."
I retired from the general electric company (lamp division) with over 20 years of service and have life-time incomes, so they don't have to worry about getting payed.
If sls would think and do logical, sls would add the due payments on the end of the loan or the monthly payment be more to eventually get caught up and everyone would be happy, and sls do something more productive with wasted time and expense.
Sls probably contributes to causing a person having health problems because, I worry about my home all the time.

If anyone could help in anyway, it would be appreciated.
I hope everybody that is involved with sls has nothing but good things ahead of them. I have more I could say, but it is a waste of my time.
Help the american economy and the american citizens

  • Pa
    Paul Parsons May 01, 2019

    I received a letter from WF (Wells Fargo Home Mortgage) that SLS (Specialized Loan Servicing) would be handling my mortgage. When I received the welcome letter from SLS, I responded by making sure that they (SLS) had all my information required to keep my biweekly payments that I had setup with WF. Somehow something on the SLS end got messed up and I could not keep the biweekly payments without paying a month in advance. Being on a fixed income I had to set up a monthly payment that would work with my income. I was told that I would need to make my April payment because the auto draft would not start until May. On 04/15/2019 I made my payment online. On 04/18/2019 I was overdrawn in my checking account because SLS auto debited my account. I called and requested that they (SLS) return my money because I am on a fixed income. I was told that the money would be refunded within 24 to 48 hours. After several phone calls on 04/23/2019 I was told that it would take 7 to 10 business days and they didn’t know why anyone would have told my 24 to 48 hours and if I wanted my money back sooner I would have to escalate. I sent an email with all my information and a screen should from my banking app showing the double payment. I was informed that I needed a statement from my bank. I paid $10 for prof of double payment from my bank and emailed it. I spoke with someone with SLS who told me yet another lie that it would be 48 to 72 hours to get my money back. I called today 05/01/2019 and was told that my refund was ready to go but would not be released until 05/07/2019. Unexcitable! I requested a supervisor and A J came on the phone and told me that he would find out what was the hold up. How many people have been victim of this kind of BS? Why would WF use a company that has a really bad record for handling mortgages? There is a class action that was filed in California Oct of 2016. I have not found a good report for SLS.

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  • Mi
    Mini_Bios May 03, 2019

    The employees at SLS are paid a bonus if they place you either in foreclosure or get you approved for a loan modification. How do I know this? While being recorded on the phone with SLS, the employee stated they receive an average of $50.00 in bonus money for what I mentioned in the above statements. If you want some action against this inept company, file a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. They are an arm of the federal government and will police financial industry and get results for the consumer.

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  • Ro
    Robbi Barnes Nov 08, 2019

    My loan was recently sold to SLS effective 11/01/2019. To date I have absolutely no idea where my payments are, where my mortgage information is. They have refused to give me a payoff quote stating that the records are not in there system yet. If the effective date was 11/01/2019 then all my records should be available to me at that time. I have been paying on my home for over 30 years now and only owe a couple of thousand on it and they will not let me pay it off. I have been put on hold multiple times only to have a recording come saying all representatives are in a meeting, please call back in 30 minutes. If you do get a rep they have no idea what is going on. I was on hold once for 30 minutes to only get that stupid message. When I finally did reach a human being they said they do that a lot when they do not have a supervisor available. I have had to get a lawyer to find out what is going on.

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mortgage payments

During federal government furlough I called to report I had been impacted from this I was informed sls would be placing the federal customers on courtesy forbearance. I received documentation to support this stating this forbearance would cover 6 months, no deliquent charges or neg reports to credit bureau. I not only received delinquent letters but was locked out of my online access. I called in made a 3 month payment 3/19. However,
As of today 4/8/19, my third call in customer service since fed still unable to log onto account states"un viewable please call. When I called speaking with a representative she informed me the payment was never put towards my mortgage but placed in an unapplied fund. Which continues to show my acct lieu of the"forbearance" thats not do to end until june 2019.
I have been advised to try call back im a few days to see if my 4k payment has been applied and then request my account be placed in good standing so online access can be granted. All this is totally unacceptable. Totally misled and unvalued. I need clarity and positive resolution.

Escrow refund sent, I deposit. Then disappears out of my deposit due to no funds

Loan / Escrow Acct # [protected] SLS acquired this account on 10/20/17. I have had nothing but problems with them handling my account off and on since 2018 I have Emailed, Called...

loan management

I am mentally disabled. They took advantage of me and. Add me believe they got me a super new school loan payment. They were keeping the money all for them. My federal school loan was at zero payment due to financial/ hardship and the sls company is charging me 61 a month for years for this!!! They pay nothing on my debt. They make you believe that they are helping you but they are ripping you off. I could have got the loan payment to zero by myself. The real school loan services said this is a scam happening all over and they are scamming thousands.


Improper handling of mortgage loan (previously with Wells Fargo); unexplained charges and fees; unassigned payments; repeatedly lost paperwork; inability to contact...

their inability to process loans.. fraudulent activity

My home loan was packaged and sold to SLS by Wells Fargo... in Feb or March of 2018.. Since then my life has been a mess Every month it has been a different song nd dance to simo=ply get my loan payment made.. One month APRIL they took out 2 payments and then when I brought it to their attention they kicked both back.. The system continued to say my April payment was mand as did workers I c ould not get them to retake April payment SO HERE WE GO... This remained an issue until I went to the system mid month August and saw I owed a payment .. (HAHA) so I made it and then reg September...

OK here is my beef SLS is a company who's sole purpose is to take monthly payments FAILLLLLL !!!.. every month I have to call and talk to someone to get it processed and I worry each month cause of what happened...

Bottom line Since sls took over my acct it has been a nightmare and anxiety WOW awful... Having to tell their working how to do their Job I mean seriously a 2 yr old with a quarter at a gum ball machine will get that gumball...

Also Well fargo sold them my mortage NOT to previous Overages of the tax and home overs ins ( cant remember name of that) MY load is like 400 more thanit should be..
Well Fargo is on my list too they are / were // are fraudulnt also.. Decided to leave my old second mortage hanging in the wind and didn't tell me..

All in all I still have my house and plan on it.. I would like a settlement from both companies.. Oh millions out of their couffers would not hurt them.. This type of business has to stop and stop now.. I grew up in family of business accts.. school teachers and many many well grounded people

Thank you for listening

sls loan number available …

2nd mortgage on my home.

A month ago I was able to go to their web site to pay my loan. Now I can't reach them to pay my loan. I was rerouted to a site called doxo to pay the loan. I do not know what this site is. I did pay and was charged to pay with this site. I am angry about having to pay to pay a loan, this is crazy. Anything to make a buck off the public. I feel this company is untrustworthy. I had no choice but to deal with them as my loan was sold to them by Bank America. Without my permission.

  • On
    onanay Nov 26, 2018

    They lie about grace periods.
    .To charge late fees. They change due dates fraudulently

    They are rude. Not customer service people. My credit score had suffered because of their lies and fell like you are talking to gangsters.This company should close.

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loan mortgage

I been defraud by a lawyer (disbarred). Kurt aanthony miller still my property sls is not doing anything to investigate this matter this lawyer is committing mortgage fraud all...

payments not received all of a sudden

SLS is a joke. I purchased a House in March 2018 and it was sold to SLS . SLS never sent me information about my loan number or anything . I had to call them. They have been getting my checks just fine until the past 2 months. They changed addresses and I was never informed . No email not anything in the mail. I was finally able to get logged in to the website after 3 calls to SLS. Which they told me to start using explorer to get on to there website. SLS called me Wednesday(10/10) saying I haven't paid October mortgage . I told the lady I did and she said she will put a note in the system. I gave her the check number and the date I took it to the post office. That's funny I sent my check out on September 25 and now its Oct 12 and they still don't have it. SLS called me yesterday(10/11) to tell me that they were paying my taxes and that I haven't paid. I told this lady I spoke to someone yesterday and they put notes in my account. She said there are no note. Are you kidding me !!! I find it funny that I haven't had a issue until the last 2 months. I signed up for autopay we will see how this goes. If autopay doesn't work I will start sending my checks with a tracking number. Maybe my checks are sitting on someones desk, so they can charge people late fees! I still have not gotton back in the mail the check I sent in September so... I have all documents and copy's of checks !!!so...

specialized loan servicing foreclosure

My mortgage went from First Franklin, then to Bank of America, and now to SLS. I have had SLS since around 2005 and had been making my monthly payments. The trouble began back in 2010 when I was diagnosed with cancer. I was unable to work for almost a full year. I contacted SLS immediately to let them know that I would not be able to make the full payment but would still try to make minimal payments. They refused my payments and sometimes they would return it and sometimes they would take it but not apply it to the mortgage. I have also been charged $15 per month since 2010 to have someone take a picture of my house. I have also have many other charges of several hundred dollars for fees, etc. I can never get a live person when I call SLS, just an answering machine. Now, SLS has foreclosed on my mortgage and my house is on the sheriff's auction on October 16, 2018. Is there anyone that can help me? I don't want to lose my house but I cannot continue with SLS either. Something has to be done about their shady dealings with consumers.
I would like a resolution of SLS being held responsible for all the past charges, past due balance of my mortgage, and have my credit report repaired, and punitive damages for time lost from work, and pain and suffering. Please add me to your class action lawsuit. Thank you. [protected]

Specialized Loan Servicingscam

We modified our 80/20 mortgage 4 years ago - with 1 mortgage company, 1 payment and NOT with SLS. For the past 4 years we've received mail from SLS, we ignore it and will continue to do so. Today I received a call from them and ignored them. The next time they call they get the name and number of our attorney. Scam artists that think they're clever.

threats that we are not in compliance with our contract which may result in foreclosure.

Prior to SLS we had Bank of America, I think. BOA sold our loan to SLS maybe 9 years ago. We are currently not in default because our payments are automatically drafted but years ago we did have problems keeping up with payments. Our problem is that we have received threatening letters saying we are not in compliance with our contract due to our homeowners insurance. It's either that they show it was cancelled (which it wasn't) or yesterday, we received a letter saying we didn't have enough coverage! We had the same coverage since the beginning and now all of the sudden, it's not good enough? We also keep putting in documentation per their suggestion, requesting that the PMI insurance (which equates to almost $300 mthly.) be dropped. This request has been denied at least twice.

Specialized Loan Servicing, LLC — mortgage

They purchased my mortgage from Wells Fargo, back in February of 2018. I have been paying my mortgage weekly for years. i made one payment through their website, and now pay...

specialized loan servicing/letters deliberately confusing

Specialized Loan Servicing/letters deliberately confusing being an attorney over 45 years Specialized Loan Servicing main objective/confuse the living hell out of each one of...

mortgage loan

It started last November 2017 I was on a so called payment plan to catch up my mortgage payments I stuck to the plan and in May 2018 they sent my mortgage payment back to me and...

SLS Mortgage Servicing — class action lawsuit

If anyone knows anything about the class action suit please email me at [protected] Sls has done so many illegal practices with a mortgage that I inherited. How are...

Specialized Loan Servicingmortgage payments

You can read more about my SLS complaint at Becky's Consumer Chronicles on Facebook (getting state and federal regulators to address a problem is a numbers game, so I'm attempting to accumulate complaints), but here is the short story: Mortgage transferred from Wells Fargo in February 2018. All mortgage payments made and information supplied to SLS, yet they refuse to correct the problem. Started getting collection calls before the ink was even dry on the purchase agreement between Wells and SLS.

I'm convinced-- and you will be too, if you read even a fraction of the online complaints about this company-- that they deliberately screw up mortgage payments in the hope that they can foreclose and make money off the suffering of homeowners.

  • As
    Ashton Laurent Jun 04, 2018

    I am getting ready to make a complaint against SLS with the NYS Attorney General's office. My loan was transferred to SLS approximately 2 years ago. I read the Google reports about this company and, from the beginning, have sent payments by Certified Mail, Return Receipt early enough so that the payments would be received before the 1st of the following month. I have never been late with a payment. I have never missed a payment.

    Imagine my dismay, when I received a notice from SLS saying that I owed almost $400 in late payment fees! I have records of all my payments and they were not late.

    It turns out that they misapplied my monthly payment for May, 2017. Since then, all my payments have been "late". Of course, I didn't get any kind of notification of the problem - which was their mistake. They are not doing anything to fix the problem, either.

    At this point, either the State Attorney Generals need to take action against the company, or there needs to be a Class Action Lawsuit for their illegal practices.

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management of my 2nd mortgage

I have been in discussions with the above company since last August. In order to pay down my second mortgage, in August, 2017 I started increasing my payment by approximately $650/month. Instead of applying this extra amount, they decided to place the excess amount to CWA (Curtailment Posted with a Payment via Autopost). Subsequently I was informed that I didn't need to make the next payment.

When I sent a letter to them on 11/19/17, I informed them that they had applied my payment to both Interest and Principal on the entire amount.
In that same letter, I requested a copy of all payments since August, 2017, which they did send but none of my payments were recorded correctly.

In the meantime, I received my 1098 showing an incorrect amount of interest paid. When I called them and asked for a corrected 1098, I was told that they would have to go back to the August, 2017 payments and correctly categorize them which will reduce the amount of interest I paid.

It is now March 31, 2018 and I still have not heard from them so in order to file my income taxes in a timely manner, I will change the amount of the interest that they sent me to the correct amount because I have not received a corrected 1098. When I talked to them on the phone, Customer Support indicated that a note was placed on my account that all extra monies paid were to be applied to the actual note, but she informed me that they don't always follow those instructions.

I think they need to hire more capable people, and not some ignoramous employees so accounts can be maintained.

mortgage loan servicer

Sls continues to service a loan transferred to it without proper documents from ditech. They ignore warnings that the loan has no proof of collateral (can not produce title) since...

mortgage - payment of insurance proceeds

My home was destroyed by fire. Understandably sls holds on to the money to ensure their interest is protected paying out as the construction goes along. That being said, they only keep an amount equal to the loan this case, they themselves told me they would be returning 61k within 10 days. They received my total loss payment more than two months ago. I've made call after call, and there is always a new excuse why they haven't sent the money. I also continue to pay my mortgage. There is simply no reason to hold on to these funds. What i've had to do is use a home equity line and pay interest on a 41k down payment to the builder to begin construction on my home. I expect i'm going to continue to have to do this each time there is a draw because the builder can't wait for months to receive payments.

Specialized Loan Servicing LLCmy loan

Nationstar transferred my loan to this company 12/18/2017. I've spoken to a lady named bridgitte, she is so nasty talks over you and argues. I asked to speak to her supervisor she states she has no supervisor. Which is bs. I call back 10 minutes later get another rep who was so pleasant transferred to to a supervisor right away and I left a message. This is over a week ago. No supervisor called me. I had to call this company back I got nasty rep bridgitte, she's being nasty talking over me and flat out rude and unprofessional due to my bad experiences with this woman. I hope she's terminated she's the nastiest person i've ever dealt with. She interjects, argues, and has a crazy demeanor. Again, sls needs to rid her. I called back spoke to a helen, she transferred me to a superviser right away and I had to leave a message. Let's see if I get a phone call. I've seen numberous complaints in this sls company

SLS — added mortgage fees

My mortgage was recently transfer to sls in november and on my statement an added fee for $540.42. I call to inquire of the fee and was told it for a lawyer. I ask the...

SLS — flood insurance

My name is mike mccormick and I live in cypress tx, a suburb of houston. My loan was sold by bank of america to sls in december of 2016 and in march of 2017, I was informed by sl...