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C Apr 06, 2018 Review updated:

This company is a complete SCAM. I only wish I did my research before placing an order with Wordans. It's been over a month with out any contact from customer service after my initial inquiry regarding delivery of my shirts. The FTC doesn't seem like they can assist at all. I believe there is 1 person operating this company and they should be shut down completely after all the online complaints I've read.

  • Updated by Charlie Black · Apr 07, 2018

    It seems as if I keep getting push back from PayPal. Not sure what my other options are.


  • Iv
    Ivo123 Apr 07, 2018

    Scam operation. Contact your bank and request a chargeback ASAP. If you paid via Paypal, contact Paypal.

    Their strategy is to try and stall so you fall outside the accepted period by banks and Paypal to request your money back.

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  • Ch
    Charlie Black Apr 07, 2018

    @Ivo123 Thank you for the advice. I tried with Paypal but this is the response I received:

    Please allow time for your seller to respond.

    View the case details
    Deadline to respond: April 26, 2018

    We encourage you to work directly with Wordans to resolve this problem. Most of the time problems like this can be resolved quickly and amicably through the Resolution Center. You'll be able to review the transaction details and communicate with the seller there. We will notify you when your seller posts a response to your message.

    You need to take action on this case prior to April 26, 2018. These actions may include marking the case as resolved if you reach an agreement with your seller or escalating the case to a claim if you cannot resolve it. If you take no action by April 26, 2018, this case will be automatically closed. Once a case has been closed, it cannot be reopened or escalated to a PayPal claim.

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  • Iv
    Ivo123 Apr 07, 2018

    Yes, you must escalate your case to a claim via the Paypal resolution center. You must do this BEFORE April 26, 2018.

    In other words, ASAP.

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