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Tonight wednesday 5th october 2016 at 7:30pm my husband and I bought some groceries from woolworths and when proceeding at the checkouts I noticed that the grapes we were purchasing can to $8.91 for less than a kilo. My husband said that that was wrong because the grapes were 3.90 a kilo, when I went over to check the price the wrong ticket was displayed. I bought it to the attention of the service manager and she just cancel the transaction and that was it. 1st we should have been given the grapes at no cost and the ticket should have been removed straight away but instead no one could be bothered rectifying the issue, so I then took pictures of the actual stand with the wrong price tag. I am so sick an tired of hearing all about the quality service and goods that woolworths supply. The pictures that I took are on my phone so you will be able to detect the time and date on them. At this rate coles is looking so good and aldis is where we should have gone in the first place. I could only submit 1 photo because the file was to big. I expect a response asap and compensation for my inconvenience. Julie southam [protected]


  • Updated by Brian Hogan · Aug 08, 2019

    Inconvenience late delevery order number 38284247

  • Updated by Alan Long · Aug 26, 2019

    Sale of large LionKing ooshies in individual boxes


  • Mi
    Millie Kay Blaxland Mar 28, 2019

    Prior to 3 weeks ago this Woolworths brand Grain Loaf bread was selling for 2x$5, $2.50 each.
    When Woolworths announced the price of milk would rise to help the farmers this 2x$ 5 deal disappeared and the bread was selling for $2.90 per loaf.
    This week it's $3 per loaf. This is an increase of $.50 per loaf in 3 weeks.

    How can they justify this!!

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  • Da
    Dani Brant Blackwell Apr 02, 2019

    Last week with my online order we order hillsview 1kg block cheese went and open yesterday to find mould all over one side. Return it to th shop and they will not give another one or a refund not happy. Would like this problem resolved asap. And as for the staff member at springbanks she was very rude

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  • Ga
    Garry / Gwen Apr 11, 2019

    Bega Strong & Bitey Chese, usual price $8.00 on Special $6.00, this week $11.00 !! Coles $4.75!!
    Kirks Ginger Beer 1.25lt normally $1.05, now $1.95, Coles $0.98 !!
    Tallowood Honey normally $8.00 now $11.00, now looking for another retailer.

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  • Br
    Br33 Apr 28, 2019

    This afternoon I purchased a Woolworths brand - peaches in juice. I normally never have a problem with this product. However, this time I couldn't help noticing the colour difference and something I could not find any child or any pet of that matter.
    I do hope we could get reimbursed for this product and it can be brought to your attention.

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  • Pa
    Patricia_B May 12, 2019

    Your 3kg oranges are awful. They are tasteless and not juicy at all. As you are aware, times are very tough living in NSW. With amenities increasing in price and wages decreasing, we are in need to buy produce savvy and these oranges are not a savvy buy. They are awful not eatable. They are very green as well.

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  • Es
    Esse_bee_me Jun 02, 2019

    Who can't colour in all the way to the edges?? - see photo

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  • Le
    Legna Jun 04, 2019

    Hello i brought a loaf of bakery bread from the leangatha store, when i got it home and opened it i found something blue & hard in a few slices 😣 im lucky one of my children didn't eat it 😠
    I have taken a pic of it for you to see.

    Thanking you Belinda Nelson.

    Not Happy ...

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  • Gi
    Giulia trovato Jun 15, 2019

    Looking forward to the slow cooked beef with onion gravy $10 but what I got was absolutely pathetic shame on you Woolworths .what I got was two pathetic little pieces of meat and bag full of watery so called gravy judging by the size of the box thought would get a lot more this would only feed one child very disappointing.

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  • Be
    Belinda Hutchinson Jun 16, 2019

    Hi, I brought this product many times and it is really good but the bottle I have now is not sweet chilli it is extremely hot wouldn't like a child to have it. It actually burns my mouth and I like hot food. My contact number is 0456785215 thanks belinda Hutchinson

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  • Sa
    Sammy Creaser Jul 07, 2019

    Just opened my loaf of bread to find a black hair baked into the bread i have added photos to show the bread and the hair i foundin the bread i purchased mutiple loaves from the mount gambier marketplace woolworths i was disgusted when i found it because i haven't even looked to see if if there are hair in any of my other loaves

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  • Ly
    Lyndapham Jul 17, 2019

    I was entrapment into purchasing $4000 worth of google gift cards as part of a elaborated scam.
    Woolworths has full knowledge of this scam and did not questioned me or warned me when I making the transaction.
    I demand I refund for the gift card

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  • Fa
    Fatmeh Jul 28, 2019

    I shopped at Woolies and bought 4 Penney of strawberries and seen while trying to bite the strawberry lucky I seen the worm
    Made me sick and and shocked that my eyes were opened to see it unbelievable

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  • Na
    Nat Ryan Jul 31, 2019

    Hi, were only half way through the can and can't get the rest out. I push the button on the top but nothing comes out. bar code number 9300633982065. bbd 18.01.20 079 22:00 L14

    Seems to me a huge carbon footprint for a product that doesn't work

    Please advise
    Natalie Ryan

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  • Ar
    Aruna Ponnudurai Aug 05, 2019

    The original price $5.00 was advertised as reduced from $6.30- $5.00

    False advertising, very deceptive

    Cheating customers- shame on you

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  • Ve
    Vena B Aug 07, 2019

    Hi there, I recently purchased some ‘Momentum' brand gluten free gnocchi with an expiry date of 29/05/2020 and when I opened it, it was mouldy .
    I'd like to be reimbursed as I was not able to eat it or the product to be replaced.
    Many thanks
    Vena Bucholtz

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  • Br
    Brian Hogan Aug 14, 2019

    Delevery was supposed to be between 5-8 didn't arive till 8-30 pm inconvenience as i sent message saying when woolworths told me i wanted to go out at 7-00 pm, only one home to accept the grocery, hadbto go back home when neighbor sent me message saying guy deleverd the groceries and put them inside order number 38284247 . thank you.

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  • Se
    Ses12 Aug 17, 2019

    I bought strawberries from Emu Plains Woolworths today and my son and I were eating the strawberries and as I was going to take another bite a small crawly was crawling out of strawberry! It was disgusting and gross! Made me sick that I vomited. Not happy and really disappointed. I have attached a video and photo.

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  • Al
    Alan Long Sep 02, 2019

    Did Woolworths have the large range of Lion King ooshies as advertised on eBay

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  • Ma
    Maxine V. Sep 14, 2019

    Today I purchased 2 pkts woolworths brand puff pastry. In the past no problem, today i had to throw both out. Plastic would not peel off and pastry appeared to be stale, it tore and I was unable to use. Very disappointed as I usually like the product. Sadly I wont be purchasing this item again.

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  • Gr
    Grant Sanderson Sep 28, 2019

    I shop at Gladstone Park every Sunday today the convention come out of the Bakery from one of the females works was very unprofessional. They where saying about breaking fn blokes legs.
    Violence towards anyone is not acceptable today. I spoke the the service desk but i feel that i was not taken seriously.

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  • Br
    Brat77 Oct 19, 2019

    Please bring back the SMS you used to send to let us know the delivery is on its way ..

    ...also the delivery guy didn't have the electronic gadget for me to sign...had to sign paper!!

    Great service with great friendly home delivery guys!

    Cheers. M. and A.

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  • To
    tonwytonyw Oct 21, 2019

    not a lot of point in doing this is there?
    11 cases resolved out of 1108 is less than 1%

    We've been loyal customers over the decades and shareholders too for that matter.
    If this outfit has lost the plot or sold itself to the devil maybe we should bale out.

    What's happened? or is it the local store having a meltdown. The staff don't seem happy

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  • Ti
    Tim888 Oct 29, 2019

    So disgusted with woolworths customer service. I will no longer shop with you.
    I line up to purchase cigarettes at 7am, completely ignored. Had to go to the 15 items or less as everyone there was being served before me. Common practice in your stores.
    I will now shop somewhere else.

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  • Ma
    Mark James Jarvis Oct 29, 2019

    When I lay a new unopened bottle down in the fridge it always leaks, admittedly very slowly. They need to have an airtight
    seal under the lid like Coles. Regards, Mark Jarvis, 0427495082. [email protected]

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  • Ka
    KarenPeters Oct 29, 2019

    Woolworths unable to fulfil whole order =
    1. Considerable amount of my time wasted in online ordering, collecting, complaining, returning goods.
    2. Why allow ordering of out of stock items; it's not complicated.
    3. Do not match price for when in stock. Coles do this.

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  • Me
    Melv007 Nov 03, 2019

    The current avocados on the shelves have been frozen and are pulled out of the freezer and are brown the next day.
    The blueberries LOOK okay but are over-ripe and soft. Strawberries are also all over-ripe when on the shelves. They are at least 4 days past their best.

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  • Ca
    Carmen3026 Nov 10, 2019

    Your website is down

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  • Me
    Meagan Wauhop Nov 13, 2019

    Coconut jam drops.
    Dated best before 6/11/2019
    They are hard as a brick and nearly broke my tooth now my jaw is sore and I may need to seek medical advice.

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  • Lo
    Louise Bush Dec 16, 2019

    I buy your pies often but lately the pues are squashed and the pastry is broken. Here are tge photo's of what they come out of the packet like they are frozen so musht of happend when they were packed. This is not the first time I've open a packed and they look like this but it is the first time I've complained

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  • Pa
    Pamela Benson Jan 01, 2020

    I bought your natural almonds in Boxing Day, best before 7/11/2020. Eating them today - 27/12/2019 - and they are soft & stale...! Definitely NOT "tasty in a sweet brittle"!
    Not good enough... and I am doubly annoyed as a Woolworths shareholder also.
    Pamela Benson

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  • Al
    Alysia R Feb 09, 2020

    Brought the Woolworth brand chips and one packets is empty but still sealed closed

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