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On 17/03/2019 at approximately 2.30pm I was driving home from the Woolworths in Bell Post Hill, Victoria. I was at the level crossing and the car ahead of me had decided to pull out and do a U-turn so I waited for them to do so then slowly began to move up towards the next car in front of me. A Woolworths delivery truck (one of the smaller ones) zoomed up on the inside lane and swerved dangerously in front of my car almost collecting my passenger side front panel. The licence number of the truck was 1LV 7KV. The driver looked to be of Indian descent and was in a hurry as I then watched him tail gate the driver in front of him to then slam on the brakes so he could veer around a corner onto a side street. He was driving very dangerously and should NOT be driving a car let alone a truck!! Extremely frustrated and concerned that this type of dangerous driver is on the roads and working for Woolworths!

Mar 17, 2019

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